Top 10 best video creation software from 2020

You want to create video from photos available on your computer without knowing which software is suitable for your computer configuration and needs, choose one of the best video creation software from 2020. Taimienphi share below.

You want to create yourself videos from meaningful photos or from a memorable album on a trip but do not know what software to realize your desire? Therefore, through the following article, will review the best video creation software from 2020, from which you can choose for yourself a good and suitable application to complete a unique videos and meanings for yourself.

Top 10 best video editing and creation software

Table of Contents:
1. Proshow Producer.
2. Window Movie Maker.
3. Sony Vegas Pro.
4. Proshow Gold.
5. PhotoStage Slideshow.
6. Magix Photostory Easy.
7. SmartSHOW.
8. CyberLink MediaShow.
9. PicturesToExe.
10. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe.

Top 10 best video creation software from 2020

1. Proshow Producer

* Download Proshow Producer. Download Proshow Producer

Proshow Producer is one of the software used by users all over the world, not to disappoint users because the features are fully integrated: image effects, text, insert, cut audio quickly , insert logo, simple copyright mark, …

phan mem lam tu video

Learn more instructions Create videos from photos with Proshow Producer To know how to create professional videos that have been introduced by

2. Window Movie Maker

* Download Window Movie Maker. Download Window Movie Maker
* Download Windows Movie Maker for Mac. Download Windows Movie Maker for Mac

In lower versions, Window Movie Maker is built into Windows. This software integrates a lot of attractive features: cutting video / music, joining video, inserting music into videos, … This is the software used by many people because it is a free, simple to use software. Use and have the basic features needed for photo / video / music editing

video production software

Use video creation from photos with Windows Movie Maker professionally but very simply. You just need to follow the instructions shared by in the article Create videos from photos with Windows Movie Maker Please.

3. Sony Vegas Pro

* Download Sony Vegas Pro: Download Sony Vegas Pro

It is impossible not to mention software to create images from videos and professional filmmaking Sony Vegas Pro. This software supports users to create HD quality videos and add many tools for processing and editing peak effects. Sony Vegas Pro provides fast graphics processing, professional video editing, 2D and 3D video content creation, or extended editing, trimming and Blu-ray and DVD disc burning features.

I created video of computer maker on computer

4. Proshow Gold

* Download Proshow Gold: Donwload Gold Producer

Along with ProShow Producer, Producer Gold is a professional video making software used by many people. Integrating many effects to edit colors, images, smart fonts, unique bring you the freedom to create, design and give videos to relatives and friends

making video from video server

Reference way Create videos from photos with Proshow Gold for best support and how to do including insert pictures, insert music for your videos. Proshow Gold has the same interface as ProShow Producer so the operations are not much different.

5. PhotoStage Slideshow

* Download PhotoStage Slideshow. Download PhotoStage Slideshow

PhotoStage Slideshow is a photo slideshow software with extremely rich photo effects, users can create videos and preview before exporting the complete file, in addition the software also supports manipulating image format changes and uploading. Facebook, Youtube

Making videos from PC images

6. Magix Photostory Easy

* Download Magix Photostory Easy. Download Magix Photostory Easy

Magix Photostory Easy allows users to use extremely useful and basic tools to create image slides for presentation purposes. Along with the ability to flexibly convert image formats to each other, this software can also burn slides to DVD or Blu-ray.

Lam tu video tu co

7. SmartSHOW

* Download SmartSHOW. Download SmartSHOW
* Operating system: Windows XP, Vistas, Windows 7 / 8.1 and Windows 10

Also a good choice for your video creation needs, SmartSHOW with friendly interface and basic functions support users to create the most impressive videos.

8. CyberLink MediaShow

* Download CyberLink MediaShow. Download CyberLink MediaShow

CyberLink MediaShow is a software that helps you create slideshows from existing photos, support common image formats or extract, delete, edit photos quickly and easily. In addition, the program allows you to insert audio tracks into slidesshow easily

Create videos from your computer

9. PicturesToExe

* Download PicturesToExe. Download PicturesToExe

PicturesToExe is software used to create photo slideshows. It allows users to create different effects such as 3D, sound on images … to display images. Along with the simple interface the user can master it after a few times of use

Making video from photo maker

10. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

* Download Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe: Download Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe
* Operating system: Windows XP, Vistas, Windows 7 / 8.1 and Windows 10

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is a software that supports users in creating quality photo slides with more than 200 photo transition effects and 160 menu styles for DVDs. Along with the ability to convert video formats built-in, this is a promising software to help users create memorable videos.

make video from computer image

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