Top 10 best video editing software 2020

Proficient use of professional video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, SONY Vegas Pro or Camtasia Studio … you will edit the video yourself with full effects, sound, slow motion and more to Post on Youtube or Facebook to make money or share likes.

You want to create a video for yourself or edit an existing video, it can be a video from beautiful photos that you have taken with your friends or relatives, or it can be a combination of many different videos to create. making a new video is interesting and fun. There are too many online Video editing software, creating such videos makes you wonder which software to use? What video editing software do you usually use?

Learn and choose the best video editing software for your computer

There are many software for you to choose like Proshow Producer or Windows Movie Maker, Camtasio Studio … each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. List 10 Best video editing software 2020 Taimienphi introduces the following will help get the best option offline

Table of Contents:
1. Windows Movie Maker.
2. Sony Vegas Pro.
3. Corel VideoStudio.
4. Proshow Producer.
5. ProShow Gold.
6. Camtasia Studio.
7. CyberLink PowerProducer.
8. CineFX Jahshaka.
9. Lightworks.
10. Movica.

10 best video editing software 2020

1. Windows Movie Maker

correct video on pc

It can be said that the software Windows Movie Maker is a powerful software for video editing, moreover it is a free software for Windows, using Windows Movies Maker is quite simple, you do not need to manipulate much but you can still edit videos with drag and drop methods.

In addition, if you want, you can add effects to videos, cut and add music and text, etc. When you’re done, you can also share on the internet easily or save your personal computer.

– Download Windows Movies Maker
– Download Windows Movie Maker for Mac

2. SONY Vegas Pro

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Youtube video editing software

SONY Vegas Pro is a professional photo editing and editing software with graphic processing that allows you to perform quick rendering functions with the graphics card tool. SONY Vegas Pro supports users with more than 300 different visual and sound effects so you can freely choose as you like. Also with SONY Vegas Pro you can create yourself a video with 3D images from 2D videos, can edit high-quality HD videos with good sound. Because of these great features, to use this software, you have to pay a fee to the manufacturer.

– Download SONY Vegas Pro

3. Corel VideoStudio

Next to SONY Vegas Pro is Corel VideoStudio, with this software, you can create your own personal network video with visual effects, vivid soundtrack, and also with Corel VideoStudio. You can also record video on your computer screen and share with friends, create slides, create presentations, demo products … very useful for your work and study. To use this software, you have to pay a small fee to the manufacturer.

Correct the clip

Vietnamese video editing software

– Download Corel VideoStudio

4. Proshow Producer:

ProShow Producer is similar to Proshow Gold but with many more effects and tools to support video editing, Proshow Producer also has better processing performance, providing many features with user needs.

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Video editing software for youtuber

– Download Proshow Producer

5. ProShow Gold

With ProShow Gold that has the advantage of helping you create videos from your existing photos from which you add visual effects, Proshow Gold supports adding background music to make your videos more vivid and professional. From there, you can share it with your friends or burn a DVD disc to store.

Especially with ProShow Gold is used by many young people to create wedding photo albums, anniversary photos. With countless beautiful effects for you to unleash your creativity, support many popular image formats today. However, this software is not provided for free, you have to pay to use it.

correct the movie on the pc

– Download Proshow Gold

6. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a tool for filming computer screenshots, in addition they can also edit videos very professionally, support multiple formats, in addition, with Camtasia Studio you can create animations. Gif from the video you recorded using this software. Prisoners can share with friends and relatives to enjoy.

Camtasia Studio is also not free for users, you have to pay a fee to be able to use them. Besides, the tool also supports on Mac operating systems

Edit video with Camtasia Studio

Professional video editing software

– Download Camtasia Studio
– Download Camtasia Studio for Mac

CyberLink PowerProducer allows you to create editable, create DVD or Blu-ray discs with the best quality, they give you a lot of effects at the same time., CyberLink PowerProducer also allows you to customize high quality images and then apply them to your Videos quickly and accurately.

With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you can quickly remove redundant videos such as cut out ads, or remove unnecessary ones. CyberLink PowerProducer is capable of working with Videos, images, audio in different formats, including videos, high quality images in 3D.

Edit video with CyberLink PowerProducer

– Download CyberLink PowerProducer

8. CineFX Jahshaka

This software supports most popular formats and supports operating systems such as Linux, OS X, Irix and Windows, CineFX Jahshaka is considered one of the quite good editing software for windows.

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– Download CineFX Jahshaka

9. Lightworks

clip editing software

With Lightworks, this can be said to be a pretty great video editing editor, it possesses many interesting video effects., Lightworks cIt can be rated as a great video editor

– Download Lightworks

ten. Movica

Edit video clip

Simple video editing software

The Movica editor has a unique feature that supports the use of keyboard shortcuts, making editing your video easier than ever, moreover, Movica is a free software so you can experience.

– Download Movica
With the Top 10 best video editing software today, hope you have found the best software to work and play on your computer.


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