Top 10 data recovery software are currently rated the most

There are many people in the process of using the computer “accidentally” deleted important data files or virus deleted all data. Therefore to save computer data you need to use the best data recovery software. Here are top 10 best computer data recovery software that you can use.

Data recovery is a familiar operation to help you recover important data when lost thanks to the support software. Based on the highest votes of users, reputable technology website has announced the Top 10 data recovery software is currently rated.

Table of Contents:
1. Stellar Phoenix.
2. R-Studio.
3. Data Rescue PC.
4. Ontrack EasyRecovery.
5. GetDataBack.
6. Quick Recovery.
7. Recover My Files.
8. Power Data Recovery.
9. Advanced Disk Recovery.
10. Data Recovery Wizard.

Top 10 data recovery software are currently rated the most

1. Stellar Phoenix

Stellar Phoenix is ​​the first one that can recover data, recover deleted, lost or formatted hard disk. You can quickly search data, recover files easily because Stellar Phoenix supports over 300 different file types. Using Stellar Phoenix, you can recover data on computers with lightning speed, ensuring the files after restoration are intact.

Download Stellar Phoenix

2. R-Studio

R Studio effectively recovers data with powerful recovery technologies to help users recover lost data on multiple partitions such as FAT16 and FAT32, NTFS, ExtFS2, ExtFS3, UFS1, UFS2, LMD Raid5 .. .. In particular, R Studio uses intelligent detection mechanisms, providing the ability to read data in case the partition is deleted or corrupted, causing data loss on the operating system. This is a very prominent advantage of the program compared to many other tools and functions.

Download R-Studio

3. Data Rescue PC

Data Rescue PC provides users with a solution to recover data, files damaged by Virus or hard drive errors or accidentally deleted files, with the ability to safely restore data performed with all partitions. systems like NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12 and on many different data formats.

Download Data Rescue PC

4. Ontrack EasyRecovery

Ontrack EasyRecovery helps you recover data on your computer when the system is corrupted or hard drive errors, lost due to mistaken deletion, formatted, … you can use Ontrack EasyRecovery to recover all data, in addition The software can also recover external hard drive data like HDD / SSD.

Download Ontrack EasyRecovery

5. GetDataBack

GetDataBack helps to retrieve data lost due to many reasons such as Partition table, Boot record, FAT / MTF or your root directory is lost or damaged; recover data lost due to mistaken deletion, virus, format, fdisk, power failure, software errors that cause system problems … The program is capable of recovering data on all types of hard drive errors, helping to reset and recover data on RAID, recover data even when Windows no longer receives drives or when all directory information – not just the root directory – is lost.

Download GetDataBack

6. Quick Recovery

Quick Recovery provides users with a quick data recovery solution, used with all NTFS and FAT partition formats in case of hard drive failure, data intrusion virus. Moreover, Quick Recovery is capable of deep scanning and finding the data to be recovered and provides the technology to recover that data.

Download Quick Recovery

7. Recover My Files

Recover My Files helps you find and recover deleted folders, files such as documents, photos, videos, archives, Email for some reason that were accidentally deleted due to user error. , files deleted by viruses, etc. In particular, Recover My Files can recover documents from a defective hard drive or corrupted partition, from an external internal drive (such as memory card, USB ), recover hard drive format. Users have the option to scan all deleted files, or enter a keyword to limit the search and processing time.

8. Power Data Recovery

Power Data Recovery gives you the ability to search and recover data that are audio files, images, videos, documents and settings of many applications … lost or accidentally deleted. In addition, Power Data Recovery integrates various filters to categorize the lost data found on the main interface, allowing to see the found documents, images or Video, audio files. The bar varies, based on the relevant information the program displays such as file name, size, format, date deleted … to restore all data or select the data needed to recover.

Download Power Data Recovery

9. Advanced Disk Recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery supports users to scan the entire system and find corrupted files that need to be restored, on the other hand, the software can also recover data on external memory such as USB, CD, DVD and has. preview the file before restoring and the location of the data is needed

Download Advanced Disk Recovery

10. Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard supports the recovery of all data and lost partitions in the drive, Recyle Bin of the computer, regains deleted data in external USB storage devices, Flash memory cards, cards Remember camera, portable hard drive. The Data Recovery Wizard provides several recovery modes for you to choose to retrieve data, partitions lost or deleted by Recyle Bin, or in inaccessible drives due to viruses and malware. attack.

Download Data Recovery Wizard

Above, we have introduced to you the Top 10 most valuable data recovery software today, giving users the best options to recover lost data on the computer system effectively. .

Losing important data on your computer is inevitable, to be able to save data completely quickly and efficiently, you can use one of the top 10 best data recovery software such as Stellar. Phoenix, R-Studio, Ontrack EasyRecovery …

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