Top 10 free Vietnamese typing software

Top 10 free Vietnamese typing software

Remind that the 10-finger typing software certainly has a long list, but there is not much to have for Vietnamese-language software. Meanwhile, the demand to practice typing 10 fingers of users is increasing. In this article, will introduce to you Typing Test software to support 10 free Vietnamese typing typing, worth using.

Mentioned to the 10-finger typing training software Surely you can also list yourself a series of names, such as Typingmaster Pro or a lot of training support tools. Typing 10 fingers online. But the common feature of these software is that they do not support Vietnamese and the lessons are mostly English. This causes a lot of disadvantages for Vietnamese users like us.

However, there is no shortage of Vietnamese programmers who put their efforts into developing free 10-finger Vietnamese typing software and in this article, would recommend to readers. That is Typing Test, a rare Vietnamese 10-finger typing training software nowadays. And now let’s go into the details of the free 10-finger Vietnamese typing software to see how it works.

Free Vietnamese 10-finger typing software

Step 1: Firstly, readers should download free Vietnamese 10-finger typing software Typing Test right here.

software version 10 delicious Vietnamese language free 2

Step 2: After downloading Typing Test is complete, you proceed to extract this software. You can use basic decompression software like winRAR or Zip, or 7z to do this.

product name 10 delicious Vietnamese language free 3

Step 3: Then access deep into the folder of Typing Test software. Right click to select Open to open.

product name 10 delicious Vietnamese language free 4

Step 4: After this step we begin the process of training 10 fingers to support Vietnamese. Friend should use Unikey to practice 10 fingers Please.

Product 10 delicious Vietnamese language free 5

Step 5: When you type right to the beginning, the Typing Test software will be highlighted in red, very simple but easy to understand.

product name 10 delicious Vietnamese language free 6

Step 6: After typing the text, the software will calculate the time and the number of words you type to divide the final result as your typing speed. You can click here OK, got it to load new files or Cancel to continue using the current typing file.

Product 10 delicious Vietnamese language free 7

Step 7: If you want to select another type of file, just click File menu choose Open .

10 delicious Vietnamese software products 8

Step 8: Then select the typing file available in the software. In addition, you can also create your own files to practice typing Vietnamese in TXT format files as usual.

software version 10 delicious vietnamese free 9

With support for practicing 10-finger typing Vietnamese, free support to create self-practice typing exercises with 10 fingers, Typing Test is the best free 10-finger typing software for Vietnamese you should use today.
So you have just learned a free Vietnamese 10-finger typing software, with Typing Test you can enjoy practicing typing quickly in Vietnamese and also create your own tests. With different lengths and degrees depending on your preferences, this is also the strongest point of Typing Test compared to other fast typing keyboard software on the market.


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