Top 10 games for Android under 25 MB with high graphics

Top 10 games for Android under 25 MB with high graphics

With 1TB or 128GB of memory on an Android device, you don’t need to search for lightweight Android games. However, owning an old phone or having a low profile does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to experience the titles that have debuted because you have the top 10 games for Android under 25 MB with the following high graphics. here.

Smartphone with 1TB of storage space as Samsung Galazy S10 Plus is the leading memory device on the market today, allowing users to freely store data, download tons of blockbuster games without worrying about anything. However, they are not pocket friendly. So what about owning a low-profile phone? What high-end graphics games can you experience? will introduce you to the top 10 great games that take up less storage space on smartphones and less means less than 25MB.

Top 10 games for Android under 25 MB with high graphics

1. Twist

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– Download Twist for Android

Basically, Twist is a skill game, where you control the ball jumping from platform to platform on the endless spiral path, with simple touch control mechanism. Determining the right time to jump is the key to your success. If you jump too early when the ball is still in the middle of the current platform, then it is hard for you to land safely on the next platform. Meanwhile, if the action is too late, the ball will fall into nothingness and the game is over. Do not forget to collect gems during the journey to unlock new balls.

2. Brain Dots

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– Download Brain Dots for Android

If you want to find a brain twisting game to challenge your problem-solving skills, then Brain Dots is a great option. Your task is to make the blue and pink balls touch each other, which may seem easy at first but extremely complicated later. In each level, the balls are placed in different positions and obstacles also appear intentionally. You need to draw straight lines or shapes so that the balls will gather in one place. During the game, you can collect many different types of pens.

3. Bubble Shooter

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– Download Bubble Shooter for Android

Bubble Shooter is one of the classic and highly addictive “bubble shooter” games. You are probably too familiar with the gameplay of this game, simply aiming and shooting balls to make bullets at the target ball group including more than 3 balls of the same color to eliminate them. With over 3000 levels, daily rewards, new prizes and extras, rankings, visual effects and engaging sound, you will definitely get a great entertainment experience here.


top 10 games for android below 25 mb so cute by 4

– Download Slither io for Android is probably the successor of Nokia’s iconic, hugely popular hunting game. In the game, you will compete with other online players to become the longest and largest snake, by collecting light spots on the map. More attractive when players can eliminate opponents from the arena. Make a technical turn that causes the competitor’s head to crash into his torso and when the opponent dies, you can collect what they left.

5. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

top 10 games for android below 25 mb so cute due to high 5

– Download The Walking Dead Road to Survival for Android

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is an option not to be missed if you love the tactical role-playing genre and The Walking Dead series while the phone does not have much storage space. Based on an entirely new story from writers Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga – “father” of The Walking Dead novel, the game forces you to make uncompromising decisions when you strategize to protect the lives of yourself.

6. Zombie Frontier

top 10 games for android below 25 mb so cute by 6

– Download Zombie Frontier for Android

With the classic zombie theme, Zombie Frontier is a zombie-killing game with graphics background in excellent ranks. Each level requires you to complete a specific task. You can use many different weapons such as rifles, shotguns, snipers to kill each large and mighty zombie group in the game screen.

7. Minecraft

top 10 games for android under 25 mb so cute because 7

– Download Minecraft for Android

Minecraft is a highly creative sandbox game, where players explore the endless world and build everything from simple works to complex, massive structures. You can experience the creative mode with infinite resources or dig into the world in survival mode, creating weapons and armor to confront dangerous mobs.

8. Fallout Shelter

top 10 games for android below 25 mb so cute due to high 8

– Download Fallout Shelter for Android

There are also many other games available from major series like Fallout and that is Fallout Shelter. This is one of the games available for Android with a size of less than 25 MB and despite its small size, you’ll find an entire underground world based on the universe of Bethesda Softworks due to You build and manage.

9. Stick Hero

top 10 games for android below 25 mb so cute by 9

– Download Stick Hero for Android

Stick Hero from Ketchapp, the developer famous for “easy to play, addictive” mobile games, is a simple game for two reasons. The first is its mechanism, which is to extend a stick so that Stick Hero moves from platform to platform. Try two, practically everything is random, with no difficulty levels. The challenge here is that you need to estimate the distance between the platforms and the north of the bridge of the appropriate length to bring the Stick Hero safely from side to side.

10. Call of Mini Infinity

top 10 games for android below 25 mb so high by 10 flowers

– Download Call of Mini Infinity for Android

Call of Mini Infinity is a third-person shooter game where you confront gamers from around the world in fierce battles. When not fighting, you can customize your character with weapons, armor, helmets and other equipment. Not only do you receive support from your teammates, but you can also choose and use a range of abilities and special talents that can determine your victory in the battle.
Above are the top 10 games under 25 MB with high graphics for Android. You can also find many other small-sized games while ensuring the look and gameplay to experience on your limited memory mobile device.


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