Top 10 Internet Security software is currently rated

Top 10 Internet Security software is currently rated

You are looking for anti-virus software that can safely protect your computer, prevent the spread of viruses, malicious code from outside when accessing the internet. Let review through the Top 10 currently rated Internet Security software below to have the best choice to protect your computer.

Protecting your computer from Viruses is always a problem that many users are interested in, especially when surfing the Web if the computer is infected with malicious code will have unpredictable consequences. Recently, a prestigious technology magazine has announced the Top 10 Internet Security software which is currently rated the most, let’s find out to know what it is.

Top 10 Internet Security software is rated highest The current

1. Bitdefender Internet Security

BitDefender Internet Security is an effective anti-virus software that protects your computer great from viruses and malware. The tool protects your computer absolutely from the intrusion of viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms and other malware when accessing the internet.

With BitDefender Internet Security, you can safely surf the web without worrying about the dangers from the internet stalking your computer. In addition, BitDefender Internet Security protects important data and prevents information leakage, protects users from logging in to emails and suspicious websites. In particular, the tool gives a warning every time you download documents or applications on the web to your computer.

Download Bitdefender Internet Security

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is a virus prevention program that is rated as a product to protect users’ computers with high safety. Kaspersky Internet Security provides users the ability to detect and remove viruses, spyware effectively.

With Kaspersky Internet Security you can feel secure when performing online transactions, logging in personal accounts, … In addition, before accessing files on the system, the software is capable of identifying. the level of safety of files and the level of trust before installing programs to a computer.

Thanks to these powerful protection features, your computer is always best protected. In addition, Kaspersky Internet Security also has a built-in technical support system around the clock, so if you have any problems or detect viruses that the software has not removed, you can send help via email. for developers and within 24 hours you will get a response.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security

3. Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security is an integrated anti-virus software with a small package. It protects your system against viruses, rootkits, phishing, trojans, spam, spyware, keyloggers, malicious links or malicious files. With modern Norton Insight scanning technology and fast speed, this software will detect malicious elements almost immediately and at the same time block their intrusion into the system.

Norton Internet Security integrates modern encryption algorithms to help you protect online accounts such as passwords for logging in emails, forums, bank accounts … avoiding the theft of hackers and spies.

Download Norton Internet Security

4. F-Secure Internet Security

F-Secure Internet Security is a software that protects the computer from computer viruses, ensures the safety of the system, prevents hackers from attacking, and safely accesses the internet banking system. for users.

Download F-Secure Internet Security

5. G Data Internet Security

G Data Internet Security helps to protect the computer absolutely safe with strong anti-virus ability on the computer, in addition the software also prevents all dangers when using the Internet such as preventing worms, trojans, all kinds of spyware, and virus intrusions when using websites

Download G Data Internet Security

6. AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security integrates scanning and multi-processor support tools with components: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Protection & Firewall to protect your system from threats from Viruses, Hacker, Spywares ,, Roguewares, Dialers, Riskwares and many other types of malicious code on the system and many sources from the Internet.

The built-in AVG Anti-Spam tool helps you check the validity and safety of all email communications, completely blocking spam and virus-containing links. AVG Internet Security has the ability to delete sensitive files when you access the web and no tools can be recovered, and encrypt and store important personal data for users.

Download AVG Internet Security

7. BullGuard Internet Security

First of all, BullGuard Internet Security is considered an effective anti-virus tool. Besides, it has the ability to highlight the missing updates for the applications you are using. In addition, it can filter spam, preventing the computer from accessing malicious websites…

BullGuard Internet Security is like a maintenance tool that automatically runs vulnerability tests, computer tuneups, quick system scans and more, when the system is idle. Easier to use, and allows you to recover accidentally deleted items up to 14 days.

Download BullGuard Internet Security

8. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security integrates cloud computing technology to help users thoroughly detect and detect dangerous viruses, malicious elements such as Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, … spyware. like Hacker, Keylogger … and remove them from the system.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security is also a tool to monitor network usage from other users, helping parents manage their children through controlling Internet traffic and time, filtering and terminating. Restrict inappropriate websites to protect them safely when surfing the web.

Download Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security

9. Avast Internet Security

Avast! Internet Security is the most complete software suite to protect your computer from viruses and malware attacks. Avast! Internet Security has an anti-virus module, firewall, anti-spam and anti-spyware software that combines the power of all the above features to provide an unbreakable wall to all kinds of threats

In addition, the Firewall module builds a shield against hackers and protects users’ information against theft. Moreover, Avast antivirus software! Internet Security also provides email protection for users through anti-spam modules, a feature that prevents phishing and blocks untrusted senders’ emails for Outlook and POP3 / IMAP.

Download Avast Internet Security

10. McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security is an anti-virus software that is highly appreciated for killing viruses and protecting the safety of computers, thanks to advanced software technology that can find and remove the maximum number of viruses on the computer and prevent viruses. harmful intrusions from the Internet such as keyboard spyware, malicious code for computers, malware …

Download McAfee Internet Security

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Above we have shared with you the Top 10 Internet Security software that is most appreciated The current gives you a great choice to protect your computer in real time, perform online transactions as well as surf the Web safely and confidentially personal information of users.

In addition, users can also refer Top 5 free antivirus software introduced in previous articles.


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