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Top 10 timer software to turn off the computer Windows 10


If you need to go out for a while and your computer is running an incomplete program, the timer solution is the best way to do it now. Refer to the top 10 Winim shutdown timer software of for you to get the best choice.

To turn off the computer on Win 10 The implementation is quite simple and anyone can do it. However, if you want the computer to remain active and until a certain time the computer automatically shuts down, the timer to turn off the computer, you will have to use a little more tricks, not the normal one. to enter Shutdown. For simplicity, you can opt for one software to turn off the computer Win 10 then install it, just open it then use the operation to schedule an appointment is finished.

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Using software to turn off the computer gives users good control to turn off and turn on the computer

Top 10 timer software to turn off the computer Windows 10

1. Counter Timer software

– Download Counter Timer here.

Software Counter Timer is appreciated for its automatic timer, small capacity, very compact, especially completely free with many options and other add-ons.

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With Counter Timer The user is easy to experience, because it’s really easy to use. In addition to the timer to shutdown, start the computer or hibernate, you can immediately execute Shutdown PC, logoff PC, reboot PC, Standby PC … very quickly.

The user interface of this software is designed quite simply, arranged, arranged very scientifically so users can easily observe and access right away. In addition to the Vietnamese interface, users can also switch to the English interface quite professionally, quickly.

If you need a free, lightweight application, then Counter Timer is the right choice for you.

2. Auto Shutdown software

– Download Auto Shutdown here

Auto Shutdown is a timer software for turning off the computer and is trusted by many users. Even the name of the software, users also know right here is the software to automatically turn off the computer.

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Using this software, users only need a few simple settings and can schedule the computer to turn off. With this software, you can also set up shortcuts for quick use of the software’s functions.

About the capacity Auto Shutdown It is also quite small, friendly interface and will be a great application with many useful features for users. This is also really good software worth your choice.

3. Shutter software

– Download Shutter here

This is also the software worth choosing with many good and useful features that the software brings. Use Shutter help you turn off, restart the computer based on the events available at your discretion.

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With Shutter When you have activated, including an active program, the computer’s CPU is overactive, your activation will still be executed by this software.

In addition to users use the shutdown feature on Shutter, you can also request the app to immediately execute a reboot based on log-off mode or you may receive a notification when an event is imminent.

The design interface of Shutter It is quite simple and easy to use, especially you can insert a music file to make a notification or run any program to replace the normal computer shutdown notification function.

4. ShutdownGuard software

– Download ShutdownGuard here.

ShutdownGuard It is considered as one of the small software that helps users manage the shutdown, booting up the computer in situations such as installing programs or changing system settings. The software will always notify you when the system automatically shuts down or restarts the computer.

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In addition to automatically managing shutdowns, this software makes it easy to disable startup applications running on the system. At the same time, help you set up a scientific, reasonable shutdown mode during use.

In addition, the software also integrates other good features such as creating messages, displaying language options or activating notification sound. In particular, this software works in the background so it saves maximum resources on the computer.

5. Quick Shutdown software

– Download Quick Shutdown here.

This is the last piece of software we want to recommend and send to you – the software Quick Shutdown. In addition to helping you quickly turn off the computer as the name of the software, this application also helps users to schedule a computer shutdown at a predetermined time.

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You can also set reboot or restart the computer immediately when selecting these options on the software. In addition, you can also cancel the shutdown timer has been activated before.

With Quick Shutdown You can use the reboot mode or logout immediately but note that when the shutdown according to the timer, the time interval should not exceed 24 hours and if you turn off less than 1 hour, you must change to seconds to establish.

Above is a list of top tools software to turn off the computer Win 10 Considered the best today according to

If shutting down your computer is as simple as using it when downloading data, choose to use the IDM download support tool and set up the feature. timer to turn off the computer with IDM is the optimal solution you should do, with this solution, you will not take more operations to set the shutdown on Windows.
In general, there are many different ways for you to schedule the shutdown of Windows 10, you can use the tool available on Windows or also use the computer shutdown timer software that has been divided by share, introduce in this article. Choose the one that suits you best and use it!



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