Top 10 video editing applications on Android

Top 10 video editing applications on Android

Video editing applications on Android can work smoothly and smoothly, but their functions will not be as many and varied as on computers. Here are the top 10 Android video editing apps you need to know if you’re looking to get a video editing app in your room when you’re not in front of your computer.

If you have a phone, you can use the video editing application anytime and anywhere with the Android applications introduced right below. The common point of these video editing applications on Android is that they are quite easy to use with many built-in, built-in effects.

Top 10 video editing applications on Android


1. FilmoraGo

– Download FilmoraGo for Android
– Download FilmoraGo for iPhone

FilmoraGo is an extremely quality video editing application with diverse features and effects. With the features of cutting, splitting, adding the basic music of video editing tools, FilmoraGo also added many special effects such as mosiac, tilt-shift, overlay, support for fast-motion video recording and editing. , slow-motion or video reverse feature. You can easily edit professional videos with FilmoraGo

2. Adobe Premier Clip

– Download Adobe Premiere Clip for Android
– Download Adobe Premiere Clip for iPhone

Adobe Premier Clip is the brother with Adobe Premier, inheriting the excellent features from the PC version. With nice interface, easy to use. In addition to common features such as cutting, splitting, and incorporating music into videos, Adobe Premier Clip also allows you to create slow-motion clips. When you export images, video clips with excellent quality, you will easily share them with Adobe Premier Clip.

3. AndroVid Video Editor

– Download AndroVid for Android

Want to find an application to cut, split, edit and add music to your videos that is completely free? AndroidVid Video Editor is the application that fits your needs. You can easily cut and split videos or remove extra clips that you don’t like. The tool also gives you the ability to insert text, frames, and effects into your videos. However, the best feature of AndroVid Video Editor is that it allows you to convert any video format to mp3 completely free.

4. Quik

– Download Quik for Android here.
– Download Quik for iPhone here.

Quik is a free Android video editing software that allows users to create beautiful videos from their own photo collection. Users in seconds, Quik find great moments, then add cool transitions and effects and sync everything to your music.

Use Quik, users can choose from 23 available video styles, simultaneously use more than 100 free songs, or be an active user to select and use songs from a user’s collection. Besides, Quik Also automatically synchronize the transitions into the music rhythm. The video, after being created by the user, will be saved in high definition HD, and very easy to share on popular social networks in use today.

5. VivaVideo

– Download VivaVivideo for Android
– Download VivaVivideo for iPhone

VivaVideo Capable of filming and editing movies with filters, effects, titles and motion effects. In addition, VivaVivideo also offers other outstanding movie recording features such as slow-motion, fast-motion, music videos and FX effects. In particular, the ability to insert effects, direct text as soon as video is very attractive to young people of this application

6. KineMaster

– Download KineMaster for Android
– Download KineMaster for iPhone

KineMaster is a video editing tool with a professional interface, the application provides a video timeline to help you easily manage the content to be cut and joined like professional video editing software on your computer. The KineMaster tool has all the functions you need for mobile, like color correction, contrast, brightness and even 3D transition effects. However, the free version of the application will be stamped from KineMaster when exported.

7. VidTrim Pro

– Download VidTrim for Android

With the usual features like cutting, splitting, editing, video you can also share videos to your friends through this application. Especially VidTrim Pro does not contain annoying ads, convert formats, sizes, compress videos with high image quality, easy-to-use interface and the ability to handle videos at high speed with excellent quality. .

8. VideoShow

– Download VideoShow for Android
– Download VideoShow for iPhone

VideoShow is a video editing application with the ability to combine images and videos at the same time. It has functions such as recording to video, adding text to video in real time, movie effects, music, collage and output files. With VideoShow you will be able to personalize your video to the maximum. This application is especially for users who like to make short films from their mobile devices.

9. Viddy

– Download Viddy for Android
– Download Viddy for iPhone

Is a free tool that gives you the ability to simply edit videos and share them. You only need to add video files to edit and export beautiful videos. Viddy also provides you with an audio repository that allows you to freely add video. With a variety of effects and powerful video editing features. Viddy deserves to be in the top 5 photo editing applications but this tool is no longer updated by the manufacturer and removed from Google Play.

10. Andromedia Video Editor

– Download Andromedia Video Editor for Android

If you want to edit many videos of different formats then this is the best choice for you. Andromedia Video Editor is a free application that helps you edit and export videos from 240p to 720p. Like other video editing tools, Andromedia Video Editor also supports more input formats such as WAV, MOV, …
Above are 10 best apps to help you edit videos on Android. Hopefully, with these applications, you will be able to satisfy your creativity even when you’re far away with your Android phone. If you want to edit videos professionally, then these Video editing software on the computer will always give you the ability to customize, edit photos more advanced applications on the phone.
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