Top 10 websites for creating animations and GIFs online

Top 10 websites for creating animations and GIFs online

Top 10 websites for creating animations and GIFs online, which introduces to readers, will definitely bring great options when you want to create gif images on your computer and then share or download to computer.

GIFs are gradually becoming a popular format not only while chatting and social networking, many users often post gif images on Facebook with funny content to make friends laugh, and there are also people. Add text to the gif to create cool and creative gif images.

As has introduced about the top 5 Animation software, Beautiful GIFs on computers, with this article, we continue to show you how to create animations, gif images online with the best websites today.

Top 10 websites for creating animations and GIFs online

1. EzGIF – Visit here:

EzGIF is one of the leading online gif creation services, not only free of charge, EzGIF also provides users with a lot of professional image creation tools, online GIFs as well as professional gif editing. such as GIF Maker, Video to GIF (convert video to gif), GIF Resize (resize the image) or GIF Crop and GIF Optimizer (Crop and compress GIF images), etc.

– Advantages: Free, support tools, easy to use.

– Cons: The maximum limit for uploading GIFs for editing is 20MB, maximum for each photo is 5MB and a total of 80MB when creating gif images with Ezgif.

2. GIFS – Visit here:

Also an integrated tool for creating animations and editing gif images at the same time, GIFS brings a whole new color to users when creating animations on computers. You can even create animations, set titles, add additional effects such as blurring, adding stickers, cropping, etc.The interface for creating gif images is quite professional and like a video editing software. true meaning.

Create your own gif online

– Pros: site name is easy to remember, professional interface and many features.

– Cons: Can be difficult for new users to use the features of creating and editing gif images.

3. Giphy – Visit here:

As one of the largest and most popular gif archive, GIPHY also provides users with tools to create gif images. However, GIPHY is limited to YouTube videos, Vimeo, Vine or other video links, but does not support creating gif images from photos.

Tao Dong online

– Advantages: Beautiful and professional interface.

– Cons: Not yet support for many gif editing tools, only supports videos.

4. GIFPAL – Visit here:

The GIFPAl tool provides a very separate way to create GIF images by supporting GIF images by webcam or image. After uploading photos, users can edit gif images like editing a video, which is quite interesting.

My web page gif online

– Advantages: Professional working interface, a bit movie-oriented.

– Cons: Somewhat difficult to use because there are many hidden features.

5. imgflip – Visit here:

Very rarely does a website have as many functions as imgflip. Users can not only create gif images from photos, videos but also create memes, pie charts or movie posters. There are many options for editing GIF images besides that users can perform themselves as cropping photos, selecting frames, sizes, titles and tags.

Create your own gif online

– Advantages: Multi-function, the functions are displayed visually and easily to grasp.

– Disadvantages: The interface to create and edit GIF images is a bit complicated at the same time.

6. Makeagif – Visit here:

The makeagif site supports a lot of different gif creation functions from photos, videos, YouTube videos, webcams or from an existing gif. You can adjust the parameters of time, sound and subtitles in photos easily. Particularly for advanced users, paid users will be able to use more interesting editing features.

My web page is online

– Advantages: Supports diverse sources of animation on the computer

– Cons: Free accounts or unregistered users will have some features restrictions.

7. Free GIF Maker – Visit here:

Free GIF Maker website supports many different types of gif creation, in which users can drag and drop photos into the frame, edit speed, add interesting effects to animated gif images. Free GIF Maker also supports users to create GIF images from YouTube easily.

My web page gif online

– Advantages: This service is free and has many interesting effects.

– Disadvantages: The interface is still quite simple and there are some errors in the image file upload process.

8. GIFUp – Visit here:

This is a website specializing in creating animations and avatars online, readers have a lot of ways to create gif images including capture from webcam, from computer, flickr, …

My web site anh anh gif online download

– Pros: You have many options for creating gif and professional avatars.

– Cons: Interface is a bit gaudy and hard to see if not used

9. – Visit here:

In addition to the ability to create professional gif images, is also a tool that allows you to edit, create slideshows or video animations with a supported audio system without having to register.

Tao Dong online

– Pros: A rich set of editing and creating tools for gif images.

– Cons: The interface is still quite simple and not attractive.

10. GICKR – Visit here:

GICKR allows users to select up to 3 images to create animations and share or download to your computer easily.

My website is online

– Pros: Support for taking photos from a variety of sources including Youtube and Flickr.

– Cons: The interface is not yet attractive and there are still a number of professional gif editing tools that users can choose. Two new gif images are required for use.

In order to support users to create gif images on their computer, users can now use software or use online gif creation services, but regardless of which service or software they use, they have inherent advantages and disadvantages. Many users say that inserting text into gif images in Photoshop is quite complicated Create animations using PhotoScape Also, the reason is due to software such as Photoshop and PhotoScape is quite complicated, besides,

However, with the websites for creating animations and gifs above, hopes readers can easily create animations, gif images and post them on Facebook without having to bother relying on others because of the proximity. as you will not need much manipulation to get a gif.
Good luck!


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