Top 4 password management software best to use

Remembering the passwords of different accounts makes you always have a headache, so to simplify and avoid the loss of passwords, you can use applications and password management software. , so you don’t have to try to take notes, or try to remember passwords whenever you need to use them. Top password management software below will help you easily remember the different types of passwords.

Online accounts are now secured with usernames and passwords. For each different account we should use different passwords, such as bank account, facebook account, email address … if the website’s database is hacked and password Stolen or simply your password stolen, hackers can access all your accounts. This is the main reason that you should use different passwords for each account.

Top 4 most popular password management software

Top 4 password management software best to use

Having different passwords for each account means you can’t remember them all and you need to store it in a file (e.g. Excel) or better in a specialized application called a password manager. Password.

Here is a list with 4 of the best free password managers.

1. LastPass

A popular application that not only stores passwords and login information, but also increases your productivity by automatically filling in login details when it detects a website with a profile saved on your LastPass account. You can enter the password from another program, if you have previously used the password manager. Includes password generator, which is constantly updated and has a modern interface and concept.

2. KeePass

A popular program that is easy to use by anyone, remember that only one password will grant access to all passwords from its database. Allows importing data from other files, including CSV, it has a password generator and you can easily copy and paste credentials to use it at the login page of various services, any regardless of site type or technology

3. Password Safe

The tool includes a virtual keyboard to ensure a high level of security for your master password, it has a password generator, intuitive options and easy access to edit or use a username or password. storage.

4. PINs

The master password will protect access to the entire program that will not be saved on your computer and you can be sure that the password is not stolen from the program configuration files. The interface is quite old, but the program can be used to basically manage passwords and other login information.
Above is the top of the best and completely free password management software that you should use, in addition, you can refer to how to manage passwords on Chrome through the tutorial article that has Share it.


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