Top 4 software to download video files instead of IDM

Top 4 free YouTube video downloader software will help you replace IDM or Youtube Downloader in case your IDM expires. Although they are all free software, the features are very powerful and not inferior to IDM.

IDM is an abbreviation of Internet download manager, software that supports downloading youtube videos, music and many other types of files on sharing sites. In addition, IDM is also known as the best download speed optimization software, helping your videos download with the fastest and safest speed.

Most users often use idm to directly download shared videos on social networks youtube, and Download YouTube videos by IDM is also one of the most strongly supported outstanding features. However, IDM is not completely free for you, IDM only allows you to use for a certain period of time and what will happen if one day, your IDM expires and you do not want to spend money to use IDM version. permission. For that reason, the following 4 free video downloaders will help you replace IDM to download the desired videos.

Top 4 software to download video files instead of IDM

Eagleget – IDM replacement.

Information: Capacity 5.8 MB, Support Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.8.1 / 10

Download link:Eagleget

4 parts free video download idm

Eagle means eagle, Eagleget software is trying to prove that it is the most worthy one for the number 1 position instead of IDM was so popular nowadays. In addition to supporting downloading videos and data from multiple online websites at high speed, Eagleget also possesses technology to increase multithreading speed and allow unlimited file downloading. In addition to competing with IDM, Eagleget always prioritizes users, allowing easy downloading of videos on youtube or dailymotion. Help users use the easiest way.

Some key features of Eagleget

– Support multithreading download, accelerate multithreading download.
– Support catching links on video sharing sites like youtube, dailymotion.
– Support catching music links from any website.
– Manage downloaded files, support multiple file formats.
– Optimized for standard HTML5 videos and 720P Hd format.
– Automatic virus scan and 100% free.

Download Ninja

– Information: Capacity 15.54 MB, Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.8.1 / 10

– Download link: Download Ninja

4 parts free video download idm

Ranked No. 2 in the top is Download Ninja, this is not a well-known software or not many people know, but this is one of the best software to instead of IDM, the software can increase the download speed up to 10 times with a stable connection. And there is also an indispensable feature if you want to compete with Idm that is downloading videos directly on youtube. This is also one of the points Download Ninja focuses on the user.

Some key features Download Ninja

– Increase data download speed strongly
– Recover broken download links
– Do not block listening to music and movies from users
– Download many music and Video formats
– Convert formats after downloading
– Set download schedule, adjust download speed

Free Download Manager

– Information: Capacity 10.3 MB, Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.8.1 / 10

– Download link: Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is the best software for managing and downloading video and audio with many supported formats and multithreading technology, which supports downloading files many times faster than usual. In addition, the software also supports downloading Torrent files at high speed, manages stopping and re-linking with old files. Free Download Manager supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols. Download Free Download Manager to your computer to help download data from the Internet faster

Some key features Free Download Manager:

– Compatible with browsers such as IE, Firefox, Opera, and Maxthon.
– Support downloading via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, MMS protocols.
– Allow download link via clipboard.
– And some common features of a download-assistance program such as downloading multiple files at once, scanning for viruses before downloading, turning off the computer after downloading, …
– Can download data sharing services online easily
– Support downloading videos from YouTube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe and DailyMotion. You just need to drag the video, wait a bit and then click on the GetIt button that appears.
– Allows downloading files from bitorrents protocol easily.

Ant Download Manager

– Information: Capacity 17.8 MB, Supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.8.1 / 10

– Download link: Ant Download Manager

4 parts free video download idm

Ant Download Manager is one of the new download software that has just appeared on the market, but it is not easy to beat the big name software. Because of its birth later, Ant Download Manager possesses many features of a modern software. With direct drag and drop, the easy-to-use interface and popular protocols with any download software. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the ability to download audio or video files on social networks or from any website with entertainment content.

Some key features Ant Download Manager.

– Easy to use, friendly interface.
– Support drag and drop files to download.
– Support downloading current, speed up download, automatically reconnect as well as disconnect files.
– Supports IE 8+, Firefox 32+, Chrome 31+ and many other browsers such as Pale Moon, Opera, Vivaldi, Slimjet.
– Support capturing links of any video-sharing websites, including audio.
– Support many types of popular video formats.

Above are 4 free video download software that you can use instead of IDM – Internet download manager that you can use. Also if you are only interested in downloading videos on youtube, you can refer to the youtube downloader software, Top 5 YouTube software downloads and find yourself the most suitable software. If you use Coc Coc browser to download videos, this is also a good idea, CocCoc browser supports capturing high-speed video downloads without you needing to install any additional software.
With the above software, you can also use to download Facebook videos to your computer, there are currently many ways to download videos on Facebook, however, if you have one of the above programs installed, there is no reason. you don’t always use to download the largest Facebook video on social networks right now


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