Top 5 best Banner creation software

Among the professional banner creation software, the best is currently the familiar names of Adobe such as Photoshop or Illustrator, but these software are relatively difficult to use, in this article, Taimienphi will Share to you Top 5 professional Banner creation software, simple to manipulate for newbies.

Banner is considered a form of advertising on the Web, it is usually placed on the top or 2 sides. Users can create and design banners to serve their purpose thanks to the support of the Graphic designing software, professional graphic designers today.

Top professional Banner creation software that replaces Photoshop and AI

If Adobe Photoshop good Adobe Illustrator are powerful but heavy software not suitable for your device configuration, today Taimienphi will introduce you to the Professional Banner creation software, stripping away unnecessary features, suitable for new users or low-profile computers.

1. Fotor
2. Banner Designer Pro
3. Easy Banner Creator
4. Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Maker
5. Flash Fluid Effect

Top 5 best Banner creation software

1. Fotor
If you want to find a professional banner creation software instead of Photoshop or Illustrator then Fotor is a good choice. Despite the many upgraded versions, Fotor still kept the original spirit, simple but still complete. Fotor stripped away the complex graphic design features and focused on the features most needed when creating banners. Thanks to that, Fotor has a much faster working speed, simple interface and is loved by newbies.

Create a professional banner 2

– Download software Fotor for Windows

2. Banner Maker Pro

In terms of graphic design, image editing in general, Banner Maker Pro is not a good choice, if not bad. However, with the job of designing and creating advertising banners, Banner Maker Pro proved the perfect tool.
Additional features and utilities of the software are focused to help users create the fastest and most beautiful Banner. In addition, Banner Maker Pro also has a library of Banner templates available for users to choose and choose.

Create a professional banner 3
– Download software Banner Maker Pro for Windows

3. Easy Banner Creator
Easy Banner Creator allows users to design banners of different sizes quickly without requiring as much graphical skills as other specialized software. Especially, Easy Banner Creator provides a variety of background colors and sizes to integrate into the banner. You can download wallpapers for banners in the formats of BMP, JPEG (JPG), GIF, PNG, PSD, ICO, …

– Download software Easy Banner Creator for Windows

4. Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Maker
Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Maker is a lightweight and compact Banner creation application but still fully integrated with features and options for users, works quite stable and works effectively without a lot of knowledge. Create beautiful banners with Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Maker. In addition, the software integrates options, pre-existing banner templates or design your own product with its own background, colors and text.

– Download software Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Makerfor Windows

5. Flash Fluid Effect
Flash Fluid Effect is a program to create Flash Flash that is quite effective, intuitive and easy to use with existing templates, it is easy to use for those who do not know much and can design their own stylish banners. My own, there are many topics for you to choose such as: Business, Personal, Nature, Line Panel, HTML / Navigation, Flash Website, Slideshow, Banner, Utility … You can choose the photos added to Flash, edit effects, sizes of photos accordingly, add text, signatures into Flash, …

– Download software Flash Fluid Effect for Windows
Above, we have shared with you some of the effective Banner creation software, which are stable and popular with many users, you can choose your favorite software and design your own. Banner style, your own class.


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