Top 5 best hard drive defrag software

If your computer is running slowly and working sluggishly, then it is time to think about optimizing your computer. One of the optimal choices is to defrag the hard drive. The hard defragmentation helps the computer work more stable, because the data is arranged neatly on the Sector.

Currently there are quite a lot of software that supports defragmenting the hard drive, but not all are outstanding, stable and effective. In this article, will share with you the Top 5 best hard drive defrag software, basically these are for HDD, and if you are using SSD, you should refer to clicking activating TRIM, the TRIM command on windows will help you optimize your SSD hard drive rather than Defragment. But remember activate TRIM on windows Only applicable on SSDs.

Top 5 best hard drive defrag software

1. Disk Defragmenter (available in Windows)

Disk Defragmenter is a built-in function of Windows, so you do not need to install any additional software, you can defragment your computer hard drive anytime, you like or set a time to plan the system. Automatic operating defrag. To use this feature, go to Conputer and then right click on Properties.

2. Defraggler

Defraggler is a hard drive defragmentation software that works quite effectively, is provided free for users, developed by Piriform. It will list the partitions of the hard drive, to defragment for a particular partition you click Analyze, the software will analyze the file … fragmented. Press Defraggler after analysis is complete.

Defraggler currently has 2 versions Defraggler install and no need to install Portable Defraggler

3. Mydefrag

Mydefrag helps you maintain and optimize your computer’s hard drive quickly and effectively. The software will scan all selected locations including free space. Then move the scanned files and folders to the appropriate location, using Mydefrag the computer improves speed significantly during work.

4. Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag is software that defragments the drive. It works quite stably and provides high efficiency, allowing users to set up defragmenting multiple drives, multiple partitions. Auslogics Disk Defrag runs quite fast, you just need to start the software and switch to Advanced tools and click Defragment to defragment the computer hard drive.

5. Smartdefrag

Smartdefrag has a strong defragmentation ability, it will help you organize your data properly on the hard disk and optimize your computer with other support tools, the software works quite effectively with a stable level. high.

Like Defraggler, Smartdefrag currently has 2 versions Smartdefrag install and no need to install Portable Smartdefrag
Above, has just shared with you some of the best disk defragmentation software, giving you a great choice to optimize and organize the data in your computer.


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