Top 5 best Minecraft mods in 2021

Top 5 best Minecraft mods in 2021

Minecraft game itself is too great to experience, but with Minecraft mods, your experience of building, crafting and exploring is even more attractive and vivid, in this article, will share gives you the top 5 best Minecraft mods in 2021.

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games ever made, and as such, it is the perfect environment to install mods. The popularity of mods changes quite often, especially when Mojang releases a new version for Minecraft. Mods are often designed to add more content to the game, thus giving players more reasons to come back to the game and explore. The following is Top 5 Minecraft mods worth trying in 2021 that you should know.

Summary of the best Minecraft Mods

Article Table of Contents:
1. 1. Optifine/Fastcraft.
2. 2. Biomes O’Plenty.
3. Inventory Tweaks Renewed.
4. LotsOMobs.
5. 5. Origins.

Top 5 best Minecraft mods in 2021

1. Optifine/Fastcraft

If you own a computer with a powerful configuration and want to improve the graphics quality of Minecraft, do not hesitate to install Optifine. This Minecraft mod adds support for HD textures and more control over graphics options. On the other hand, if you are playing Minecraft on a low-end computer, Fastcraft is probably the first choice for you. This mod greatly improves performance on low end PC especially when you install multiple mods on your version of Minecraft.

Top 5 best minecraft mods for boys in 2021

For mid-range computers, neither too strong nor too weak, Optifine is an ideal choice over Fastcraft. Optifine has options to increase performance if needed.

Download this mod here:
Download link Fastcraft Mod
Download link Optifine Mod

2. Biomes O’Plenty

The second Minecraft Mod that you should try is Biomes O’ Plenty. This is a biome expansion mod for Minecraft that adds a bunch of new unique biomes to both the Overworld and Nether dimensions. Along with the new biome, it also brings trees, flowers, building blocks, and more to the Minecraft world.

best minecraft mods for pc

Although Minecraft already has a large number of biomes, Biomes O’Plenty increases the variety of the game in this respect. This mod has attracted a lot of players in the past time and it has now achieved more than 56 million downloads.

Download link Biomes O’Plenty Mod

3. Inventory Tweaks Renewed

Minecraft is a sandbox game and you’ll probably find yourself in situations where you’re faced with a sprawling inventory. Just install Inventory Tweaks Renewed to deal with this problem, you will probably wonder how you would have lived in the world of magical blocks without this mod.

minecraft mods for pc

Inventory Tweaks Renewed is a Minecraft mod that automatically replaces expired tools in the hotbar and refills your inventory with blocks. Its best feature, however, is the ability to organize your chests and inventory with a single click. You won’t have to waste time sorting your resources anymore.

Download Inventory Tweaks Renewed Mod here

4. LotsOMobs

LotsOMobs is more or less like Biomes O’Plenty but increases the variety of mob system instead of biome. This Minecraft mod adds 25 new mobs to the Minecraft world to enrich your experience and make the biomes more realistic. Gone are the days when chickens roamed the prairies and squid were the only creatures in the sea.

Do you have a good minecraft mod?

If you want to see seagulls, elephants, giraffes, narwhals and even dinosaurs appear in your game, install LotsOMobs.

Download link LotsOMobs Mod

5. Origins

Origins is a new mod for Minecraft that adds a story about race for players. This is a characteristic feature of RPG games. Players can now choose a race and start exploring the world of Minecraft with a special skill set. While most skills are useful, some can be fatal weaknesses.

list of the best minecraft mods

Besides humans, players can also choose from 9 other races. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Origins mod currently has over 2.3 million downloads and can run on Minecraft 1.17.1. Overall, if you like the role-playing element, then Origins is one of the mods worth installing.

Load Origins Mod

Minecraft mods diversify and enrich your game experience and here are the top 5 best Minecraft mods in 2021. Have you tried any of the mods introduced by in the article?
Besides, if you are bored with Minecraft Mods, you can refer to how to delete mods here to free up game space to help play the game smoother to avoid lag.

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