Top 5 best USB data recovery software

Recuva, Wondershare Data Recovery, Undelete Plus, DataRecovery … are the best data recovery software, computer data recovery, hard disk, USB currently available, bringing many utilities to users, along with Taimienphi. vn to find out the features and advantages of this favorite software.

Currently there are quite a few software supporting USB data recovery, but if you have never tried it, it is really difficult to choose the right software for you. In this article, will share to you the Top 5 best USB data recovery software.

The best way to recover USB data

Top 5 best USB data recovery software

first. Recovery Data USB

USB Data Recovery This software is capable of easily recovering all lost data and deleted files from USB. Moreover, this file recovery application uses powerful disk scanning technology to locate inaccessible data and allows you to restore them to a safer storage location. Recovery Data USB easily rescues data in digital cameras, memory cards … and can safely recover all data such as Text Files, Videos, Photos, Audio, Exe Files and Other Files from USB, the ability to recover lost files and folders from a damaged or inaccessible USB drive, …

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is one of the applications that supports the recovery of lost or deleted data intentionally and accidentally losing data on storage devices such as USB, memory card, hard drive. With this tool, you can recover files such as text files, image files, video files, and more.

3. Recover My Files (Currently does not provide download link of this software)

Recover My Files is a tool capable of searching and recovering folders and data deleted or mistakenly formatted, especially on storage devices such as USB, memory cards. The recovered files can be text files, etc., quickly and effectively, but depending on the number and size of the deleted files. Even if you delete them in the recycle bin or use other file-deleting software, Recover My Files can recover them.

4. recuva

Recuva is one of the tools to search and recover all deleted files from Windows computer, USB, memory card, digital camera, or MP3 player. In particular, Recuva helps you recover data deleted by errors or viruses quickly and effectively.

5. eSupport UndeletePlus

Undelete Plus also has the function of automatically searching and recovering all deleted or mistakenly deleted data, moreover recovering the deleted data by DOS command, using Shift + Delete key combination of the memory device. USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. Undelete Plus software will scan and automatically list deleted files in groups based on file type, displaying the attached detailed parameters such as last update, file name , size … if you have not copied the newly added data.
Above are 5 data recovery software of USB memory device in the best and effective way that you can choose 1 of these 5 tools to recover lost data quickly, conveniently and effectively. The amount of files after recovery is stable.


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