Top 5 best Visual Voicemail applications in 2019

Top 5 best Visual Voicemail applications in 2019

Transcript voicemail (transcript) extremely convenient, allowing you to choose voicemail instead of having to listen to all the messages received from one to another. From a private point of view, the visual voicemail feature is very attractive because you can peek at voicemail content without having to hear that message. Here are the 5 best visual voicemail apps of 2019 for iPhone and Android.

Top 5 best Visual Voicemail applications in 2019

Top 5 best Visual Voicemail applications in 2019

If you receive lots of voicemail or voicemail, try using visual voicemail applications to copy your voicemail into text messages that support reading. easier, allowing you to manage voicemail and perform related actions more easily.

1. YouMail – Visual Voicemail application accessible on any device best

Top 5 best visual voicemail apps in 2019

YouMail is the leading Visual Voicemail (VVM) application on iPhone and Android, letting you know who sent voicemail, allowing you to view a copy of your voicemail on your phone, tablet / computer, searching voicemail in the order you want. In addition, you can also use YouMail to convert voicemail into email and text messages.

Like the Swiss multipurpose knife, YouMail offers a surprising number of optional features, including automatic robocall blocking, personalized voicemail greetings, and conference calling. YouMail is a free download, but some features, such as cloud-based Visual Voicemail, require a $ 5 / month subscription fee.


Access Youmail on any device, do a lot of work on different devices perfectly.

There are many other benefits besides turning voicemail into a text message


Cloud-based Visual Voicemail requires a monthly subscription fee.

2. Google Voice – The best free Visual Voicemail application

  The best visual voicemail app in 2019

– Download Google Voice for Android
– Download Google Voice for iPhone

Google Voice provides visual voicemail service a long time ago compared to most competitors. Before being acquired by Google, Google Voice was called Grand Central. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, Google Voice is the best free Visual Voicemail app to date.

Google Voice offers you a separate free phone number, you can choose to set your ringtone or not on any device. When a new voice message arrives, Google Voice will send you a copy of that message instantly via email, text message or both.


It’s free and easy to set up, especially if you already have a Google account

Support for copy of voice messages in Spanish


You may not want to create a completely new phone number just to receive a textual copy of the voice message. You can use an existing phone number, but the default orientation of Google Voice is to set a new number.

3. HulloMail – Best Visual Voicemail application for users who need a voicemail copy

Phan mem visual voicemail is the best in 2019

HulloMail is another great Visual Voicemail application for iPhone and Android users, supporting you to easily scan voicemails in incoming voicemail, then read the text message of that voicemail, decide if you want to monitor it. (follow up) that voicemail is not. If you want, simply install HulloMail to send a copy of the voice message via email.

If you want to store unlimited copies of voice messages in the cloud or want to go through duplicates to search for a specific message, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription (Lite version is $ 0.99 / month and Pro version is 4.49 USD / month.


HulloMail has the ability to store transcripts of voice messages and search for voice messages through that transcript.


HulloMail is a free visual voicemail application, but the Lite version of the application also requires a monthly fee.

4. InstaVoice

  The best visual voicemail app in Vietnam

InstaVoice offers text copy of voicemail but aims to create a unique interface for managing unlimited voice messages from all phone numbers at your disposal. If you receive large numbers of voicemails on a regular basis and people often tell you that when they call you, they will receive the message “the mailbox is full” and the InstaVoice is the app for you.

In addition to converting voice messages to text instantly, InstaVoice also supports users to reply to voice messages via the in-app chat interface, allowing calls or sending messages to the callers. This is an effective solution to manage a large number of voice messages on many different phone numbers, handled at the same speed and efficiency.


Configure visual voicemail with up to 10 phone numbers

Access and process all voicemails in one place

Customer support line helps to troubleshoot problems quickly


Not as full featured as some other visual voicemail applications like YouMail.

5. Visual voicemail service from the network

Top 5 best visual voicemail apps in 2019

Most carriers offer visual voicemail services, so you should check out how to sign up for a voice-to-text message service on your phone. If you do not want to use intermediary applications or pay for the installation of additional software, this is a good option to consider.


When using visual voicemail service directly from the network, you can access to the technical support team more effectively at any time.


Usually there is a monthly service charge.
For those who often use the voice chat function, you can learn how to change the voice when chatting, most of the voice changing when using voice chat is supported by software on the computer.


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