Top 5 data search software on Windows

Top 5 data search software on Windows

On the Internet market today there are many software that search the Windows data, but which software is the best, and is used by many people ?. The following article is summarized introduced 5 best data search software on the computer.

You want to search for an important document but do not know where it is located on the computer, users have to search every corner of the hard drive that just takes time and the results are not necessarily effective. If you have a software with data searching function, the job will become simpler than ever.

5 best file search software on Windows

1. Windows Search

Windows Search is the default search engine built into Windows, because it is available software, so it is very familiar to users. Whenever a user opens any Explorer folder or window, Windows Search is also displayed in the upper right corner of the screen allowing users to search for data easily, this function is also available in Start Menu.

Unlike previous versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 98 / ME / XP, the search function in Windows 7 has been greatly improved to help users easily sort and find the right data. This function allows users to search by file properties, size or date of file / folder creation.

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2. Everything

Everything is a remarkable data and folder search software, developed specifically for Windows operating system. Unlike other search software, this utility only allows searching by data name, the search process will start right after a command from the user.

Everything has the ability to search for data in real time, meaning it will monitor all changes and changes of files during use, so it always keeps up to date with the latest updates.

View detailed features and download the latest version of the software: Download Everything

3. Listary

As soon as a user uses Listary to search for a particular data on a computer, the list of data related to the keyword that the user has entered will display immediately for the user to select the right data. need to find. The utility has the ability to control the available categories in Windows Explorer, Registry Editor, Task Manager …

Listary allows you to enter words or phrases related to that data, the results will be returned immediately. The software does not have a clear interface, users simply access a certain folder and click on any space on that folder, the Listary dialog box will automatically appear.

View detailed features and download the latest version of the software: Download Listary

4. Zipsearch

Use Zipsearch to search for documents, documents, images … available in compressed files stored on computer hard drives or external storage devices such as USB, portable hard drive, CD / DVD … Not only allows searching by name, users can search by content, creation date or file size …

Zipsearch will automatically sort the return results of the data by size, file format, creation date …, displaying the details of the file for users to easily grasp such as name, size, source …

View detailed features and download the latest version of the software: Download Zipsearch
5. Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search is an application that helps users determine the exact location of a document, a data such as music files, videos, software … stored on the computer. With this utility, users do not have to spend too much time organizing and reorganizing files, just enter a word or phrase, the search results will be returned immediately.

In addition, Copernic Desktop Search also helps users manage and organize emails, search Email function by title, address, as well as creation date, making it easier for users to manipulate on the computer.

View detailed features and download the latest version of the software: Download Copernic Desktop Search

Above are 5 of many software that search data on Windows, in addition to these 5 software, you can download other file search software on


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