Top 5 effective USB speed testing tools

You just bought a USB and want to check the speed and quality of the USB by yourself. The following article, will provide you with 5 best USB speed testing tools today to give you the best choices.

Manipulating the USB speed test is certainly not new to you, but to choose the most appropriate support tool, not everyone knows. Through this article, you will have the best options to help check the speed of USB.

Top 5 effective USB speed testing tools

1. CrystalDiskMark

CrystalDiskMark supports you to perform the process of checking the performance of hard drives and USB devices. The tool will perform checks through the speed of random and sequential read and write of 4KB / 512KB data blocks.

On the CrystalDiskMark interface, you will see all information about the performance of the drive, including the amount of used space, free space on the entire drive size, the current read and write speed. Before performing the test, you should turn off other applications to get the best results.

2. HD Tune

HD Tune is a tool that gives you many features such as checking, measuring the performance of hard drives, USB. It will help you know the status of hard drive, USB drive. From there, search and scan for errors and delete all data on the hard drive (if desired) …

After the analysis and testing process, the error detected in the hard drive ends. HD Tune will automatically scan all these errors and have a report showing details of the errors let you know. These are the most accurate information that you can check your drive for health regularly.

3. Check Flash

Check Flash is a tool to check flash drive, USB through the process of checking reading, writing data on the drive, checking some software errors encountered on the system. Moreover, after the testing process is finished, Check Flash will produce a detailed test results report for you to see.

4. HD Speed

HD Speed ​​is a tool to check the speed of computer hard drives, USB drives, it helps you find errors on the hard drive to promptly find a solution, HD Speed ​​gives you information about the speed of reading and write data to the hard drive, and check the performance of the hard drive. In addition, the program interface is very simple and easy for you to use to check the USB speed and drive

5. Flash Memory Toolkit

Flash Memory Toolkit is a tool that helps you check the speed of the drive, USB easily. After the test is completed, a report will appear on the interface to let you know the details of the operating status of the drive, USB.

Moreover, Flash Memory Toolkit also measures performance, scans errors, helps to permanently delete required files and restores files in two different standard levels, and the recovered files will be created. An identical backup copy in size.

Above, has shared with you the top 5 effective USB speed testing tools, thus giving you the best choices in USB speed checking.
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