Top 5 OCR software to edit the best scan data

OCR software helps you convert handwriting, printouts, typing … into editable documents on your computer. In addition, these software also support tools to convert between text formats to help you store and secure scanned content better. Refer to Top 5 OCR software to edit the best scan data.

In the age of technology, handwritten documents and hard copy documents are gradually being replaced by the digital forms of digitalized data. However, many people still worry because security and privacy issues may be compromised, especially with important documents and contracts. So they still choose the method of handwriting or printing.

In areas such as politics, law, education and health, hard-copy documents are irreplaceable. Meanwhile, OCR technology will promote its use. For those who don’t know, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is capable of converting images of handwriting, typography, and print (usually scanned by scanners) into documents. a document saved on your computer, so you can edit and manage these documents more effectively.

There are quite a lot of OCR software to edit scan data but here are Top 5 OCR software to edit scan data.

1. Abbyy FineReader 12 Professional

Download Abbyy FineReader

Platform: Windows, Mac | Support: paper, photo, PDF file | Can edit | Multi-device support: No.
– Turn scripts into popular text formats such as doc, docx …
– High scan speed
– Some features make it difficult for amateur people
– There are not many price options

Abbyy FineReader 12 Professional software is suitable for the size of the company. The software will support effective document management in tasks such as editing, compressing and decompressing, sharing documents …

FineReader has the ability to turn scanned documents, PDF files and images into editable text in Microsoft Word, Excel and eBooks. Along with that, the software will also preserve the original text, avoiding unwanted edits.
The software can effectively protect elements in the text such as headers and footers (Header and Footer), annotations (footnote), tables, charts … The text is also opened very quickly and the image quality will be optimized at the highest level.

2. Soda PDF

Download the software Soda PDF

Platform: Windows, Mac, Web | Support: Paper, photo, PDF | Can edit | Multi-device support: Yes
– There is both a web version and a computer version.
– Support more than 300 file formats
– Only export PDF files.
– Pay annual fee.

If you want to export only PDF files, then the Soda PDF software is the best option. The software allows you to turn any file into a PDF file when it supports more than 300 different file formats.

After converting scanned data into PDF, you can edit the text content, create custom files and add comments and interpretations. The app also provides contract sending and tracking.
You can download the software for Mac and Windows computers or use Soda PDF right from the browser. You can try out the app before deciding to buy.

3. Adobe Acrobat DC

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Platform: Windows, Mac | Support: Paper, photo, PDF | Can edit | Multi-device support: No.
– A product of the famous company Adobe
– Many useful and featured features
– Does not support eBook
– High price

Adobe Acrobat is one of the widely recognized and widely used OCR software, despite being in the premium segment because of its sky-high price. However, Acrobat is targeted at businesses, so the price is not too difficult to understand.

Adobe Acrobat DC has a very user-friendly interface and allows exporting data to Microsoft Office very quickly and accurately. Although you can’t create eBooks, you can create PDF files instead. Along with that, Adobe Acrobat DC also supports adding electronic signatures and other important information to the document.

4. Nuance OmniPage

Download: OmniPage

Platform: Windows | Support: Paper, photo, PDF | Can edit | Multi-device support: No.
– Multi-platform support
– Can handle large volumes of documents
– Feature is quite simple if used for large businesses.
– Only supports Windows

American software company, Nuance is a reputable name in the field of OCR. In particular, OmniPage is the leading software of the company that supports transferring scanned documents to a local computer or network quickly and efficiently.

Software can handle large amounts of documents from multiple devices, compress data and convert data on cloud storage. Along with that, you can turn paper documents, forms and printed photos into digital files that can be edited, searched and shared.

5. Nuance PaperPort Professional

Download PaperPort

Communication: Windows | Support: Paper, photo, PDF | Can edit | Multi-device support: No.
– Affordable price
– Perfect and professional for personal use
– Not strong enough for business use.
– Only supports Windows.

Another product from Nuance is PaperPort Professional, with the goal of small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. The software provides an efficient way to scan, manage, search and share documents including paper documents, PDFs, legal documents and photos.
Above, has just introduced Top 5 OCR software for editing the best scan data. These software provide you with the tools to convert scanned documents, photos, handwriting, prints, typewriter … to digital editable text formats on your computer. From there, help you manage and convert effectively and scientifically these documents.


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