Top 5 software for making videos, movies and professional montages on PC

Top 5 software for making videos, movies and professional montages on PC

If you are intending to research to make a short video or want to improve your graphic skills to make a movie for yourself, the following Top video making software and applications are definitely not to be missed. . With Top software, montage applications like ViavaVideo or ProShow Producer will help you create movies from beginner to advanced level.

If you do not know where to start when you want to learn more about the film industry as well as learn more about graphics, why not start now with the video making software that proposed in the following article. You start with the most basic software such as creating videos from photos and gradually as you become proficient, you will convert video from photos to create models, film or add more professional effects.

With the software that introduces is famous, professional software, which is used by many people and especially also has many useful tutorials for you.

Top video making software, video making software from basic to advanced

1. VivaVideo – The basic video making application for iPhone and Android phones .

Download VivaVideo for Android here: Download VivaVideo for Android.
Download VivaVideo for iPhone here: Download VivaVideo for iPhone.

VivaVideo was created to suit users on the phone, highly mobile. Although the VivaVideo version is quite limited, it is definitely enough for users. This is also the most basic application that would recommend to readers to familiarize and use. VivaVideo application runs on both iOS and Android versions are free for users. If you love this software, you can upgrade to the PRO version to get the best support from the software.

Top 5 video memos and video content from the top 10

Instead of having to spend a lot of time to learn, with VivaVideo all work is optimized to the maximum like other mobile software. One of the most impressive things that VivaVideo can do is the sharing features on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube quickly, simply. There are dozens of connection methods you can use on VivaVideo.

Top 5 video memos and video content from the top 3

2. Proshow Producer – basic video making software for beginners.

Download Proshow Producer Full here: Download Proshow Producer Full.

With VivaVideo you can make videos quickly on your phone, try a little with Proshow Producer. Making one of the most popular image creation software, using ProShow Producer is also very simple when you just need to insert pictures, or videos into layers in succession and let them run. Proshow Producer also supports adding music, or adding eye-catching effects to the user.

Top 5 video memos and videos from the top 4

Proshow Producer is the software you need when you have a little advanced to explore and research more about this software. Not just work Make videos from photos with Proshow Producer, but also a lot of other issues when you touch on effects, themes, templates or text on this software. Even professional design subjects sometimes use Proshow Producer to create high quality videos.

Top 5 video memos and videos from the top 5

3. Sony Vegas Pro – software for making videos and movies for advanced users.

Download Sony Vegas Pro here: Download Sony Vegas Pro.

Sony Vegas Pro is the next name that would like to recommend to you, Sony Vegas Pro video-making software that helps you improve your filmmaking skills and help you learn more about one of the video making software. , helps you make beautiful intro clips that are very easy. There is also a community to support users of short, intro videos through Tempalte that Sony Vegas Pro supports users.

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Another strong point that only Sony Vegas Pro has Supports up to hundreds of formats Supports a variety of TV devices, different screens or mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android devices. You can render a lot of file formats with many different audio standards. It may be a bit difficult at first to choose, but when you use it for a long time, you will find the formats in Sony Vegas Pro support you a lot.

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4. Adobe Premiere Elements – Professional movie making software

Download Adobe Premiere Elements here: Download Adobe Premiere Elements.

If you want to improve your filmmaking skills through techniques, Adobe Premiere Elements is the right choice when Adobe Premiere Elements is rated as one of the best professional filmmaking software today. In terms of similarities, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements have quite similar interfaces, but the functions of Adobe Premiere Elements require users to have more skills.

Top 5 video memos and video content from the top 10

One more strong point for Adobe Premiere Elements is in the “adobe family” so Adobe Premiere Elements is supported by a lot of software, combining that makes you more flexible when using Adobe Premiere Elements or related software. like Photoshop or higher is Adobe After Effect.

Top 5 video memos and movies from the top 9

5. Adobe After Effect – The most professional video making software

Download Adobe After Effect here: Download Adobe After Effect.

To mention the most professional movie making software, the highest peak, Adobe After Effect is the number 1 software that you should use as well as improve your skills if you want to have a perfect work.

Top 5 video memos and video content from the top 10

It can be said that if Photoshop is the most multifunctional customized photo editing software that requires a certain level of user experience, Adobe After Effect is the best video and movie making software. Adobe After Effect is supported by a lot of applications and other utilities, even professional studios also use Adobe After Effect to do. However, the difficulty of Adobe After Effect is indisputable so you need a basic knowledge and passion for making videos if you want to use this software fluently.
Above has introduced to you along 5 video making software from basic to advanced for those who want to learn and want to create their own movies and clips. In addition, you can use the best online video creation tools, with these tools will help you get acquainted with online tools in case you can not use the software in the list above, in addition to is free and easy to use online video creation tools.


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