Top 5 software removal programs on the computer

Top 5 software removal programs on the computer

Installing and removing is the most common job for computer users. For effective software removal, refer to Top 10 computer removal software 2016 that we summarize, statistic and recommend to readers.

The software installation process will produce junk files, more and more if you do not remove them thoroughly. The use of uninstall software is essential especially when the user does not have a deep understanding of the system, the file system structure.

Top 5 software removal programs on computer 2016

Software is indispensable on your computer, How to download and install software on It is also very simple. However, some software you only use once, want to remove the program on your computer 2016, refer to the software below.

1. OBit Uninstaller

– Download OBit Uninstaller: OBit Uninstaller

IOBit Uninstaller software supports users to remove a series of software installed on Windows, including those available in Windows when installing the device.

2. Ashampoo UnInstaller

– Download Ashampoo UnInstaller: Ashampoo UnInstaller

This software supports quite versatile, in addition to removing a series of software on Windows. Ashampoo UnInstaller also features such as bug fixes, tools to help backup and restore settings …
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3. Revo Uninstaller

– Download Revo Uninstaller: Revo Uninstaller

The main feature of Revo Uninstaller is still a series of software removal. In addition, Revo Uninstaller also supports real-time system monitoring, quick installation, backup tool, …

4. dUninstaller

– Download dUninstaller: dUninstaller

DUninstaller software has a fairly simple, dry interface similar to the designs of previous Windows XP generations. Users may be surprised at such an interface.

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However, this software has special features that not all software has. dUninstaller detects black software itself and removes it for you, monitors and reports problems that arise when uninstalling and installing software.

5. Menu Uninstaller Pro

– Download Menu Uninstaller Pro: Menu Uninstaller Pro

Just like the above 4 software, Menu Uninstaller Pro also supports users to batch remove or customize each software.

Install components

Another feature of Menu Uninstaller Pro is that it supports quick removal of software by right-clicking on the software and selecting Unistalls. Using the above software, you will limit a lot of time to remove software on the computer, in short for the “stubborn” soft we absolutely can Uninstall software with Your Uninstaller, Menu Uninstaller Pro or dUninstaller …


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