Top 5 software to lock folders, hide folders and folders

The software to lock folders, hide folders and folders supports us to keep important information confidential on the computer. Using one of the top 5 folder locking, hiding folders, folders below, you will not have to worry about revealing personal information, confidential files when lending laptops.

Recently constantly receives questions and questions about how to hide folders on the computer. There are actually many different tricks that support hiding folders on your computer. You can also hide folders on your computer without any software. However, this method will only fool those who rarely use computers. For computer users who are familiar with computers and want to read your information, hiding the folders on the computer manually is not enough. For absolute safety, you need to use these software to lock folders, hide folders and folders to protect folders mine.

Top 5 software to lock folders, hide folders, folders:

1. Anvide Lock Folder:

The first name we would recommend is Anvide Lock Folder. This software has the function of protecting file effectively and safely with the form of hiding files, disguising your folders. Using Anvide Lock Folder, you can be absolutely assured to let other people borrow your laptop, use your PC without fear of them being curious about finding your files and folders on your computer. Anvide Lock Folder software also has the ability to set one or more passwords, helping to protect multiple layers in a folder.

Anvide Lock Folder: Download Anvide Lock Folder

2. Secure Folder

Secure Folder software is known as an extremely small, lightweight tool suitable for all computers, including older, weakly configured computers. Although small in size, the ability to lock folders and lock files on Secure Folder is highly appreciated.

top 5 software folders folder folder 2

In addition, this software also has features such as: locking folders, locking and hiding data, adding new folders to the archive, unlocking folders, notes of locked folders.

Secure Folder: Download Secure Folder

3. DirLock

DirLock software is preferred by many people for its quick folder locking. Simply lock any or multiple folders on your computer. The software also has an intuitive interface, easy to use with all users. DirLock’s ability to lock folders is also great when preventing other software from cracking your secret folder. Download the software right now to your computer to experience effective folder locking.

top 5 software folders folder folder 3

DirLock: Download DirLock

4. FolderSafe

FolderSafe is a tool that can both lock files and folders and hide them on your computer. You can combine these two functions into one folder for maximum security from other users.

top 5 software folders folder folder 4

The software also has the ability to prevent editing, backing up, deleting, printing data files or stealing your locked data. FolderSafe is supported on all computer operating systems, including older versions of Windows such as Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7.

FolderSafe: Download FolderSafe

5. File Folder Locker

Not only is the file and folder hidden, but File Folder Locker is even more effective when it hides your entire application. File Folder Locker allows users to hide any hard drive on a computer. Therefore, if you encounter other people’s hard drive with odd capacity such as 700, 800GB, do not be surprised, because they are probably using File Folder Locker to lock a certain hard drive.

top 5 software folders folder folder 5

File Folder Locker: Download File Folder Locker

Each software that locks folders and files on a computer has different advantages. Please choose one of the top 5 software to lock folders, hide folders, folders to install on your computer.

A much-shared trick nowadays is to use Winrar to access hidden folders on your computer. Don’t worry too much about other people Use winrar to access hidden folders because these software are more resistant to such simple access. Without your password, other people will not have the opportunity to view the locked files or folders.
Users who normally buy computers will not care about the computer configuration, but for people who are familiar with computers, the computer configuration parameters are very important and affect much Play games, do your own work, reference Top software to check computer configuration Taimienphi has been collected to help you choose the best software for you.


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