Top 5 spells for crossbows in Minecraft 1.18 that increase strength

Top 5 spells for crossbows in Minecraft 1.18 include Unbreaking to increase durability and shelf life of crossbows, Mending I to repair crossbows, Multishot I famous for its ability to shoot multiple arrows at once, Quick Charge and Piercing.

Similar to the bow, the crossbow is a ranged weapon that uses arrows or fireworks as ammunition. This is one of two weapons used for remote combat in Minecraft, with higher damage and slower attack speed than a normal bow. In this article, will introduce 5 types Best spells for crossbows in Minecraft 1.18.

The best crossbow enchantment in Minecraft 1.18

Top 5 spells for crossbows in Minecraft 1.18

1. Quick Charge

Quick Charge is a spell that helps the player reload the crossbow quickly. It can be said that this is the most important magic for this weapon. You should try to own Quick Charge level III as soon as possible, because it will help the crossbow speed increase significantly, surpassing the bow and arrow.

Unlike Quick Charge I and II which can be obtained from the Enchanting Table or while fishing, you can only obtain level III Quick Charge by purchasing or crafting your own from Anvil (2x level 2).

2. Multishot

Among the spells for the crossbow in Minecraft 1.18, Multishot is quite unique magic. When using Multishot, each bullet fired by the crossbow will split into 3 bullets, which means that the damage point is greatly increased. When shot at close range will deal x3 damage, and you can only recover the arrow in the middle after firing.

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Especially Multishot also works on Firework Rocket (firework rocket), helping players create powerful attacks in the area of ​​influence. When applying Multishot magic, Tipped arrow and Special arrow are also separated like when using a crossbow. However, this magic is countered by Piercing magic.

3. Piercing

Piercing is a spell that allows the crossbow to penetrate the objects it collides with in order to continue towards the target. The number of objects penetrated depends on the level of the spell.

In general, this spell is useful when attacking large groups of mobs and saving ammunition. However, Piercing is not as effective as Multishot or Damage-wise. Piercing has no effect on crossbows that use firework rockets.

4. Unbreaking

This is a spell that increases the durability of the crossbow. If Multishot helps to fire 3 bullets per turn Unbreaking Weapons will last longer.

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Unbreaking level 3 will increase the durability of the crossbow by 4 times, especially important for weapons that cost a lot of durabilities like rockets.

5. Mending

As one of the strongest crossbow spells in Minecraft 1.18, Mending Allows items to absorb XP points to repair themselves when damaged. Therefore, the player can also use Mending to use the crossbow permanently without needing to be repaired. You can earn this spell through looting chests, fishing, or trading.

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Here is the top 5 spells that increase the strength of the crossbow. hopes that the above sharing will help you use this weapon more effectively and have interesting moments of entertainment with Minecraft.

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