Top 5 stock trading apps on your phone

With the 4.0 era, stock trading applications on Android and iOS phones were born and more and more help players buy and sell securities easily and quickly. But to ensure your interests, play safely and transparently, finding the best securities app in Vietnam is essential.

In this article, will reveal to you the top stock trading app on the best and most reputable Android and iOS phones. All these apps are being chosen and appreciated by many people.

The best stock trading apps on your phone.

I. The best stock app in Vietnam

1. VNDIRECT . Securities App

The VNDIRECT securities app was developed by VNDIRECT securities company to provide customers with an easy tool to play securities on their phones.

Common applications for drilling on mobile phones

Prestigious stock trading app

VNDIRECT offers many outstanding features such as placing stock trading orders easily, updating market indexes in real time, updating price graphs, consulting information… to meet the needs of customers. row. Besides, the impressive point of this stock trading application on this phone is the touch feature. Just one touch, users can place orders. However, when you start using this VNDIRECT app, you need to learn to make sure it’s safe to play on the app.

Download VNDIRECT app to your phone:
– Load VNDIRECT for Android
– Load VNDIRECT for iPhone

2. App SSI Trading

Developed and managed by SSI Securities Joint Stock Company, everyone can rest assured to use the SSI iBoard (SSI Trading) app. All features such as real-time streaming, average to simple charting, and watchlist support are integrated at SSI.

App General Drilling Prestigious Vietnam

SSI . stock playing application

Besides, this iBoard STT also allows many types of shares to be saved in the watch list. With just one touch on the SSI application, you can change and switch the watch list quickly. Moreover, you can also customize the information displayed on the main screen.

Download the SSI iBoard application to your phone:
– Load SSI iBoard for Android
– Load SSI iBoard for iPhone

If you are new to securities and do not understand how to view the price list of derivatives, please see the following article to be able to see the price list easily.

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3. VPS Securities App

app to play together

App to play stock on your phone

VPS (full name VPS Smartphone) is a stock trading application on the phone developed by VPS Securities JSC. The main feature of the app is to invest in securities, support deposit products, and trade bonds. Besides, VPS also provides quick market information, comprehensive investment recommendations. Moreover, with a friendly interface, easy to use, high security and optimal for all customers. Therefore, using VPS, you can play stock anytime, anywhere.

Download the SmartOne VPS application to your phone:
– Load VPS SmartOne for Android
– Load VPS SmartOne for iPhone

4. BSC Mobile Securities App

BSC Mobile is also the best stock playing application on mobile phones today, developed by Vietnam Investment and Development Bank Securities Company (BSC).

The best drilling joint app in Vietnam

Software to play stock on the phone

The main features on BSC can be mentioned as:
– Place, cancel and edit orders online.
– Update information such as technical charts, electronic price lists, market information, analysis reports… continuously.
– Effective online account management.

Besides, the BSC Mobile stock trading app operates flexibly, has good security, and gives high accuracy, so the number of people using this application to play securities is increasing.

Download the BSC Mobile application to your phone:
– Load BSC Mobile for Android
– Load BSC Mobile for iPhone

5. MBS Mobile Stock App

Check out the phone on the phone

App to play Vietnamese stock market

MBS Mobile is a securities playing application on mobile phones of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank. MBS not only creates simple stock transactions, but also provides instant price alerts and reports, and also updates information on the market and stocks fully. Through, MBS, you can easily grasp the necessary information as well as play the stock effectively.

Download MBS Mobile application to your phone:
– Load MBS Mobile for Android
– Load MBS Mobile for iPhone

II. Should you play the stock market on your phone?

It is known that using the stock trading application on the phone has become a trend these days. It gives users many utilities such as being able to view, update, buy and sell securities anytime, anywhere right on mobile devices without having to have a computer. From there, users can make appropriate decisions, limiting unnecessary risks.

Besides the outstanding advantages, these stock playing apps all have some disadvantages such as occasional technical errors. Therefore, in addition to updating on the app, you can refer to the stock market on the website to capture the most accurate information.
Above are the top stock trading applications on the phone. You should consider to choose the right app for your needs to make playing the stock market easier. No matter where you go, you don’t have a computer, but with this stock trading app, you can conveniently monitor it on your mobile phone.

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