Top 6 Prestigious Money Walking App

Top 6 Prestigious Money Walking App

With reputable applications, walking apps to make money online help you have more motivation to exercise, improve health every day and have the opportunity to earn more income, below will share gives you some of the most reputable and worth-trying walking apps today.

Get the rewards of cash, bonus points, … to motivate and promote the intensity of walking for users is the main purpose that developers of applications, reputable walking apps want to aim for. In addition to Toss App walking to make money reputable and quite popular on the market today, you can refer to some other apps below.

The most prestigious walking and running app to earn money

Article Table of Contents:
I. Top App Walking Earn Prestige.
1. Sweatcoin (trust number 1).
2. StepBet.
3. Charity Miles.
4. Yodo.
5. Toss (Popular).
6. Achievements.
II. The most reputable walking app to earn money today.

I. Top App walking to earn prestige

1. Sweatcoin App walking to earn prestige

Sweatcoin is the number 1 reputable walking app to earn money today and is highly appreciated by users on the App Store and Google Play app stores. The application is designed to allow users to earn money while walking or running, exchanging “step” in sweatcoins.

Accordingly, for every 1,000 steps using the Sweatcoin app, you will receive 0.95 sweatcoin, which can be exchanged for cash (via PayPal) or rewards (gift cards, Apple Watch, FitBit or fitness equipment, .. .). In addition, for each friend you refer the application to, you will receive an additional 5 sweatcoin coins.

Prestigious money exchange app

The basic free plan allows you to earn up to 5 sweatcoins/day and 150 sweatcoins/month. To earn more sweatcoins, you might consider upgrading to a membership plan. Memberships charge in sweatcoins you’ve earned instead of cash or credit cards.

In which the Shaker package allows you to earn up to 10 sweatcoins/day for a fee of 4.75 sweatcoins/month. Quaker or Breaker packages allow to earn up to 15 sweatcoin/day and 20 sweatcoin/day respectively.

If you actively use the application even indoors and outdoors, you can easily earn enough coins, 20,000 sweatcoins in exchange for 1,000 USD.
– Load Sweatcoin for Android
– Load Sweatcoin for iPhone

2. StepBet money walking app

As the name suggests, with this StepBet reputable walking app users can earn money by placing bets and trying to achieve the set goal and win the bet amount or not reach it. target and consider losing your money. Usually users will be asked to bet about 40 USD and start practicing to reach their initial goal in 6 weeks.

Prestigious money exchange app 2021

In addition to the deposit amount, if you reach the goal, you will also receive another amount. This can be considered as one of the perfect ways to motivate yourself to be better.

Basically StepBet helps users to define goals based on their current fitness level. Besides, this reputable walking app also supports the option of linking with other fitness tracking apps:
– Download StepBet for Android
– Download StepBet for iPhone

3. Charity Miles App Running for Money

Unlike other reputable walking apps, Charity Miles is designed more specifically, all the money you earn from the app will be donated to charity organizations. It’s also basically a great form of donation that doesn’t break the budget while pushing yourself to be better every day.

Does the app go to the cash register?

Charity Miles works by using GPS and on-device motion sensors to track the user’s daily activities. Most importantly, the application does not run in the background like some other walking apps make money.

Besides, Charity Miles also offers special rewards for user-specific activities such as running, cycling or walking. To claim these rewards, all you need to do is open the app and claim it:
– Load Charity Miles for Android
– Load Charity Miles for iPhone

4. Yodo walk and run for cash reward

Yodo is the next name that we cannot ignore in the list of prestigious walking apps to make money in 2021. The plus point of this app is the ability to track all users’ physical activities, including walking as well as “infusing” motivation for users to increase walking intensity every day.

Prestigious credit card app 2021

The pedometer is built into Yodo to track and count the user’s steps, which can be redeemed for cash. Most importantly, Yodo does not limit the amount of bonuses.

If you intend to walk to earn money, Yodo is the ideal choice that you should not miss:
– Load Yodo for Android
– Load Yodo for iPhone

5. Toss walking app, counting steps to make money

Toss is a reputable, famous Korean walking app with more than 20 million daily users. Especially, the application has now linked with CIMB bank with a branch in Vietnam to expand payment capabilities for Vietnamese users.

For every 20 steps that Toss reaches, users will earn 1 VND, 200 steps earn 10 VND. The app pays up to 10,000 steps per user per day.

app to check Korean money Toss

Toss is currently available on the App Store and has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store:
– Load Toss for Android
– Load Toss for iPhone

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6. Achievement walk earn free money

Achievements allow users to earn reward points through healthy activities such as daily food tracking, sleep tracking, and exercise other than walking. These reward points can be used to redeem for cash or donate to charities. Every 10,000 points is equivalent to 10 USD. So if you earn up to 80 points / day, a year you can earn about 30 USD from this reputable money-making app, not to mention other rewards when participating in surveys or referring friends to use. application.

Does the app go to Toss have a knife?

In addition, Achievement also allows users to link with other applications such as Fitbit, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, … to track their exercises daily:
– Load Achievements for Android
– Load Achievements for iPhone

II. Which is the most prestigious money walking app today?

The nature of walking money-making applications is designed to promote and increase the intensity of walking for users to improve health. In general, among the reputable walking money-making apps that just introduced above, Sweatcoin is the most appreciated by many users.

Moreover, the amount of money earned from this app is also higher than the common ground as well as supports many methods of exchanging rewards, withdrawing money via Paypal. If you are looking for a walking app to earn money and have a PayPal account available, Sweatcoin is the option that you should try.
Among the Top reputable walking walking apps above, which app or app do you appreciate more? Share your opinion for


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