Top 6 rated typing game for kids

To help children become familiar with the keyboard and practice typing, the software that supports typing 10 fingers does this very well. Within the limit of this article, will share with you the Top 6 Practice typing games for children which are highly appreciated.

Choosing the right typing software for children is not easy because the child’s hyperactivity will not sit still if they are not interested. You can refer to and choose from the Top 6 rated typing practice games for kids below.

Top 6 rated typing game for kids

1. Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum is a software to practice typing, typing keyboard for children with practice typing practice and simple games to type with play to help children more interested in Practise

Download Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum

2. Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor gives you the ability to type and edit text without having to look at the keyboard. By a unique teaching method, the program will teach you the best lessons right from the start.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor includes not only the lessons, the accompanying games that can entertain you and enhance your typing. What you have to do, type, type phrases quickly so they don’t drift too much towards the top of the screen.

Download Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

3. Garfield’s Typing Pal

Garfield’s Typing Pal helps children practice typing skills in a fun environment, by learning the basics of typing skills, along with 100 practical exercises and text, software for statistical data that he does type to compare the results with each other

Download Garfield’s Typing Pal

4. All the Right Type

All the Right Type offers lessons, games to practice your typing skills, with this website you can choose the items you want and take tests to practice typing skills, perform counting the number of characters you type correctly and the number of characters typed so you know how much your level progresses.

Download All the Right Type

5. Type to Learn

Type to Learn provides lessons to practice typing skills, especially the software has fun games suitable for children to practice typing lessons, the typing results will be stored and validated. millet for your child’s progress

Download Type to Learn

6. Arcade Typing Tutor

Arcade Typing Tutor is a software that provides computer keyboard typing programs, with fun games that allow children to do keyboard typing quickly, you need to perform standard typing enough to overcome the screen. new with other keyboard typing exercises

Download Arcade Typing Tutor

Above we have introduced you to some typing games for children are appreciated to give you the best choices for children, help them get acquainted and practice typing 10 finger with the software support.
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