Top 7 best online backup services 2017

With important files, data that you only store on computers, or other devices is not enough. If there is a problem with the device, your data may be lost. That is also why users are often recommended to back up their data to online backup services. In this article, will provide you with a list of Top 7 best online backup services 2017.

As you know, if you accidentally lose or delete important data on your computer, you can use a variety of data recovery software to retrieve it, including a few data recovery software. as effective as Recuva ….

As the most popular data protection solution today, backing up on a computer is extremely important. To choose for yourself the best computer backup tool, let find out the list Top 7 best online backup services 2017 Below offline.

Top 7 best online backup services 2017

1. Acronis True Image

Backing up all images on your computer’s hard drive is the most comprehensive solution to ensure that no files are lost. Acronis True Image will copy your hard drive and store hard drive data on cloud services. To use Acronis True Image, each year users will have to pay 39USD / year.

Top 7 best online backup services 2017 2017 2

Acronis True Image is a great solution to protect your data, including a physical backup to store on an external hard drive, as well as download your valuable data files from your Facebook account. and mobile devices.

Prices will fluctuate, slightly higher if you want to use Acronis True Image on multiple computers or want more free space to store.

In addition Acronis also provides a valuable insurance service 99USD / year to protect your data from ransomware – one of the problems that cause users a headache and more and more ransomware attacks for ransom.

Download Acronis True Image here: Download Acronis True Image

2. Backblaze

Top 7 best online backup services 2017 2017 3

No need to open the computer, ask yourself how many files and data you want to backup. Or if you can’t answer, you can guess how much memory you need to store those files and data. If you don’t know the answer, Backblaze may be the perfect solution to answer those questions.

Backblaze provides memory to store an unlimited number of files and data, regardless of the size of the large or small files and the speed at which you want to upload or download the files. If downloading files is difficult (or simply because you can’t download the files), your data may be sent to the USB hard drive or Flash drive.

Encrypt your files and require 2-factor authentication, the service will do its best to keep their “customers” safe, including Mac and Windows users. Users will pay 5USD / month to use Backblaze, if you register for a 1 or 2 year prepayment package, the price will be cheaper.

Download Backblaze here: Download Backblaze

3. Carbonite

Top 7 best online backup services 2017 2017 4

Speaking of popularity, one of the top 7 best online backup services in 2017 must be mentioned Carbonite. The program offers 3 packages of data synchronization options, all with unlimited storage capacity.

Basic carbonite is priced 59USD / year Provides automatic backups, remote access and free support in case users encounter problems accessing data files.

Carbonite Plus, priced at $ 99 per year, offers everything, the option is available on the basic Carbonite version, plus the ability to connect to external hard drives, so users can sync data ” oversize ”on a Windows or Mac computer.

The highest-end service, Carbonite Prime, costs $ 149 per year, offering all the features available for both versions plus the ability to transfer files to your location if you have problems downloading files. . However, this service only supports Windows users, so Carbonite may not be suitable for all users.

Download Carbonite here: Download Carbonite

4. Crashplan

Top 7 best online backup services 2017 2017 5

Just spent 59USD / year for 1 pc or 149USD / year For 10 Linux, Mac and Windows computers, Crashplan can ensure that your data is completely secure in cloud services.

In addition to unlimited storage, Crashplan also offers a number of other unique features including the ability to pause backups when the computer battery status is low or when using specific Wi-Fi networks.

Crashplan transmits and stores your data in encrypted form, protecting your personal information safely, even the information, data in an external hard drive, …. Crashplan also provides the option to delete files forever.

Download Crashplan here: Downoad Crashplan

5. iDrive

Top 7 best online backup services 2017 2017 6

Provides 1TB of online storage for a price 69USD / year, iDrive is a backup feature for Mac, PC, iOS and Android users.

With the ability to store data on an unlimited number of devices, iDrive performs real-time backup and synchronization of files, i.e. files and even parts of files refreshed on devices. were.

The backup solution is mobile-friendly, allowing you to access your backup files on your PC from iOS and Android devices. iDrive also has a built-in Smart Docs feature that identifies documents after users take photos of them and upload them online.

Download iDrive here: Download iDrive

6. Apple iCloud

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While not a full backup service for your computer, icloud Apple provides Mac and iPhone users with many “worthwhile” protection features.

Designed to be an online repository of photos, music, videos, and user documents used on the Apple ecosystem, the online storage service provides 5GB of free storage, allowing users to You can restore everything from bookmarks to emails if something goes wrong on their device.

If you want to spend $ 20 per month to use 2TB of storage, the service will not automatically copy the hard drive on your computer. You can activate iCloud Backup on your iOS devices to store copies of your mobile devices online.

Download iCloud here: Download icloud

7. Google Drive

Similar to Apple’s iCloud storage service, Google Drive provides users with 15GB of free online storage, if you want to use more storage than users can choose to use the plan 100GB for the price 1.99 USD / month, packages 1TB valuable 9.99USD / month or package 10TB valuable 99USD / month.

top 7 best online backup services 2017 2017 8

With the cleverness of the Google software you can easily use and share files online, even if you want you can also copy the entire hard drive and upload it to your Google Drive but will have to rely on Google Drive application support.

Download Google Drive here: Download Google Drive
Above has just introduced to you the list of Top 7 best online backup services 2017. Which of the online backup services are you using? Share your opinion to know!


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