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Your laptop is having a problem that makes your learning, entertainment and working process inefficient, so you want to find a reputable laptop repair address in Hanoi to fix the problem that helps your computer work. activities more effectively. Seizing that demand, will share with you the top reputable laptop repair addresses in Hanoi, these are all addresses that are highly appreciated and selected by customers. Laptop repair address, Top laptop repair address in Ha Noi, where laptop repair reputation in Hanoi, laptop repair address in Hanoi

Currently, the laptop has become familiar to many people to help you entertain, play and study, however, when used heavily, your laptop will be degraded and encounter various problems, with minor errors, you can fix it yourself, but with big problems should bring a laptop to the center, a reputable laptop repair address in Hanoi to help your computer return to normal operation. With the top, reputable and cheap laptop repair center in Hanoi below, you can choose for yourself the best address to repair.

Top reputable laptop repair address in Hanoi

# 1: Laptop repair center 24h

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Laptop repair 24h, computer repair in Hanoi, Thai Ha laptop repair

With many years of operation, 24h laptop repair is also one of the prestigious laptop repair addresses in Hanoi that many people choose. 24h laptop repair has a team of experienced, skilled professionals who can repair all lines, computer brands, different laptops such as Dell, Asus, Sony, Acer, HP … to meet the needs of the customers. Besides, coming to the 24-hour laptop repair center, you will find yourself genuine laptop, laptop components, suitable for your laptop with a reasonable price. In particular, not only has a repair address but 24h laptop has a lot of different branch addresses located in the districts of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as many other provinces to help customers convenient and easy to move when going. fix the computer.

Contact information:

– Cau Giay: No. 8 Ho Tung Mau – Phone: 01238658866; 01238659966
– Dong Da: No. 5, Lane 178 Thai Ha, Trung Liet – Phone: 01238658686
– Số 220 Thái Hà – Phone: 01238651166
– Thanh Xuan: Số 208 Lương Thế Vinh – Phone: 01238658899
– Hai Ba Trung: Số 128 Lê Thanh Nghị – Phone: 01238656655
– Hoan Kiem: No. 32K Ly Nam De – Phone: 01252453388
– North Tu Liem: Số 417 Cổ Nhuế – Phone: 0931221222

# 2: Address of reputable laptop repair in Hanoi – Tran Anh Computer

top 5 dia chi sua laptop trust tai ha noi

Tran Anh Computer, the address of Thai Ha computer repair

Ranked second in the list of top computer addresses, prestigious laptops in Hanoi is the repair center Tran Anh computer specializes in providing computer repair services, take a laptop immediately, repair laptops at home with a team of professional, highly specialized employees with enthusiasm, energy, thoughtfulness, anytime, anywhere. You will be monitored technicians disassemble and directly sign on components, this will help components will not be replaced by other components. Tran Anh Computer also provides old laptop but the quality is very good compared to old latop on the market. With the motto “Your satisfaction is our success”, Tran Anh Computer Repair Service always wants to give customers the best service with the cheapest cost.

Contact information:

Phone: 091161619309649976890973997689
Address: 133 Thái Hà.

# 3. Truesmart

Based on the original roots to build and grow, Truesmart has turned from an unknown brand to a trading brand, repair phone and top laptop in Ha Thanh. It is the reputation, quality that comes with using the service around the customer, Truesmart has confidently asserted as a trusted destination for many smartphone users across the country.
laptop computer address in Ha Noi Truesmart is committed to providing customers with the best, most perfect products with guaranteed quality standards.

Established since 2011, Truesmart has built a system with 13 showrooms in 9 urban districts of Hanoi. In particular, Truesmart is a place many famous people choose such as: Actors Viet Anh, Trung Ruoi, Minh Tit, Quynh Kool, …

Truesmart always carries in the mission of “Bringing everyone closer to technology” and with people, the team works with dedication, credibility, honesty and quality, so the brand is increasingly large. strong.

Why do many customers choose Truesmart
– Prestige, good customer service.
– Repair your laptop immediately.
– Replace, shell, replace genuine iPhone battery super good price.

Main products and services at Truesmart
Diversifying activities as well as meeting the needs of customers, Truemart offers users the following products and services:
– NEW 100% NEW Mobile phone product
– New high-quality used mobile phones are 96-99% new with guaranteed quality NOT REPAIRED.
– REPAIR REPAIRING professional hardware.
– UNLOCK sim service, code, hardware.
– UNLOCK ICLOUD service.
– Supply genuine ACCESSORIES.
– SOFTWARE upgrade installation service.

Truesmart phone buying, selling and repair system
– Headquarters 1: 31 Xa Dan-Dong Da-HN – Hotline: 0948.122.666
– CS2: 21 Doi Can-Ba Dinh-HN – Hotline: 0961.023.023
– CS3: 21B Hang Bai- Hoan Kiem – HN – Hotline: 0981.665.665
– CS4: 45 Nguyen Chi Thanh – Ba Dinh – HN – Hotline: 0948,550,560
– CS5: 196 Nguyen Trai-Thanh Xuan – HN – Hotline: 0365.92.92.92
– CS6: 81 Pho Vong-Hai Ba Trung-HN – Hotline: 096.123.8181
– CS7: 23 Nguyen Phong Sac, Cau Giay, HN – Hotline: 0961,933,933
– CS8: 480 Nguyen Van Cu – Long Bien – HN – Hotline: 0886,215,215
– CS9: 204 Thai Ha – Dong Da – Hanoi – Hotline: 096.357.3333
– CS10: 41 Quang Trung – Ha Dong – Hanoi – Hotline: 093.123.4141
– CS11: 128 Lac Trung – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi – Hotline: 0898.182.183
– CS12: 420 Ho Tung Mau – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi – Hotline: 0948.24.0000
– CS13: 59 Yen Phu small – Tay Ho – Hanoi – Hotline: 088,630.7979


fix your laptop at bachelor's degree

Bach Khoa Computer specializes in repairing and distributing quality old laptops in Hanoi

Computer Polytechnic with reputable and professional computer, laptop, printer and old laptop repair services in Hanoi. With high quality service to meet the needs of customers. With quick repair time, anytime, anywhere, you can watch live repair technician at the store or fix laptop at home, Guarantee repair and replacement of genuine components, … so the company Computer Bach Khoa is one of the reputable and cheap laptop repair places that many people choose.

– Repairing computers, printers at Hanoi home
– Specializing in distributing computers, new and used printers Cheapest in Hanoi
– Specialized in importing and distributing used laptops Cheaply

Contact information:

Branch1: No. 24, Alley 163, Hoang Van Thai, Khuong Trung
Branch 2: Số 189 Lạc Long Quân, Tây Hồ
Phone: 0963872333096493366602466594333
Email:, cheap old laptop

# 5. Laptop Hoang Duong – HD Laptop

trusted address

Should choose repair service of HDlaptop because:
– HD Laptop has confirmed its name over the years, has been rated as prestigious by major newspapers such as dantri, Vnexpress, genk, techz …
– With the motto “put yourself in the position of the customer”, HDlaptop Always uphold the professional ethics, progressive to build a service center to best meet the requirements and expectations of customers.
– Staff, technicians at HDlaptop are professionally trained, experienced, meticulous and dedicated to serve all requirements of customers.
– The laptop handling process is public and transparent, customers are directly observed the technician handling errors for their laptops. For cases where the hardware is flickering, the worm cannot be processed immediately within one to two hours, customers will be signed and photographed on all components on their machines, we will record a receipt. , return the device, on which the machine information, components information and error status of the receiving device are clearly stated.
– The process of checking the machine honestly, diagnosing the right disease, quote the right price before repairing, replacing any parts of the machine.
– HD Laptop undertakes that if the faulty device causes the customer to come back for the third time within the warranty period, the center will refund 100% of the cost, at the same time offering the best handling solutions to the customer.

With a conscientious attitude – prestige – quality, HDlaptop always focuses on improving the quality of services in order to bring satisfaction and keep customers’ trust, strive to become an address Reputed laptop repair leading in Hanoi.

Contact Laptop Hoang Duong – HD Laptop:
Address 135 Le Thanh Nghi, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Hotline: 0948.29.2525

# 6: Laptop Repair Center HNCOM

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HNCOM, a reputable laptop repair site, meets the needs of repairing your laptop

HNCOM is also a prestigious laptop repair address in Hanoi, which is highly appreciated by customers not only for good service quality but also for reasonable service cost to meet customers’ needs. In addition to laptop, computer repair, iPhone repair services, Macbook repair, prestigious HNCOM laptop repair center also offers training courses on laptop and computer repair … to meet the learning needs of students. .

Contact information:

Phone: 0904515696
Address: No. 3, Lane 131 Thái Hà, Hà Nội

Besides top reputable laptop repair address in Hanoi, TLD, the repair center Phung Gia laptop … equally prestigious laptop repair service at home, in place … to meet the needs of customers. Hopefully with this article, you will find yourself a reputable, quality laptop repair address. Also, if you live and work in Ho Chi Minh City, please refer to Top Reputable laptop repair address in Ho Chi Minh City here

In addition to the need to find reputable repair service in Hanoi, the need to find a reputable laptop repair address in Hanoi is many people interested.
If you want to buy an old laptop, please refer to these address to buy used laptop in Hanoi to be able to buy an old but quality, cheap laptop.


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