Top air conditioner control application by SmartPhone

Air-conditioning control apps on phones are the perfect tool to replace lost or damaged remote controls.In addition to the basic functionality, these applications are supplemented with intelligent features. , help you feel more comfortable and convenient to use.

The air conditioner is small but important to turn on and off the room temperature. But whenever it is needed, this tool often disappears, making users fall into hot, unfinished cry and seek out.

5 control applications for air conditioning rescue when lost

However, with 5 Air conditioner control application Taimienphi below, as soon as the control is missing, you just need to open your phone and make easy, convenient adjustments.

Top air conditioner control application by SmartPhone

1. ASmart Remote IR

It would be humbling to only refer to ASmart Remote IR as an air conditioning control application. Besides the ability to adjust the basic air conditioner, ASmart Remote IR also supports users to control other electronic devices in the family such as TVs, players, cameras, …

remote control with samsung phone

The interface of the application is designed to be simple and easy to use with a toolbar right above. When users click on it, they will see a list of names of different devices, you just need to select the correct name of your device, a simulator panel will appear for you to use.

Currently, ASmart Remote IR is provided free of charge for Android mobile operating system users and must use Samsung phones belonging to the Note 3, Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy Tab or HTC One series.

– Download ASmart Remote IR for Android

2. Smart IR Remote for Android

Similar to ASmart Remote IR, the Smart IR Remote control application has only one version for Android devices. To be able to install this application, your device must be running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

control with oppo phone

Smart IR Remote uses the infrared eye of the smartphone to replace the control device, connect and work with air conditioning, … TVs, digital audio systems. The advantage of this application is high compatibility, works well on mobile devices of various brands of Samsung, HTC, …

– Download the Smart IR Remote application here: Download Smart IR Remote for Android

3. Tado

If you want to find an intelligent and dedicated control application, Tado Cooling is the choice not to be missed. Not supporting the ability to connect with many types of devices like other applications, Tado only focuses on optimizing and exploiting the features related to air conditioning control and heater.

remote control with iphone phone

The app constantly updates the room temperature, humidity and notifications for users to adjust to help you always feel comfortable and comfortable. Tado also features energy saving by automatically turning off the air conditioner or heating device when you leave the room.

Taodo has two versions for both Android and iOS phones, but to use the app you need to buy an additional support device to act as an intermediary connecting the air conditioner and the phone.

– Download Tado for Android
– Download Tado for iPhone


Air conditioner control application Next, Taimienphi will introduce to you that SURE is programmed to work well on both iOS and Android devices. This application is widely appreciated by the flexibility of the ability to control many electronic devices in the household with infrared as usual and the wifi network. Therefore, it is not necessary that the phone can turn your tablet into a versatile remote.

controls the phone with free ios

The application allows users to save their personal settings, so you can set the temperature, wind, fan mode of air conditioning or control other devices at the same time with just one tap. In the recent version, SURE also introduces voice control via Google Now or Siri.

– Download Sure Universal Remote for Android

5. AirTouch3

Add a handy air conditioner control app for you to choose, which is AirTouch3. When connected to a home intermediate device, users can control and control room temperature wherever they are. The device will continuously alert when the temperature or time to use the air conditioner exceeds the allowed level. Through the internet connection, you can even turn on or off, adjust the room temperature even though not at home.

The air conditioner doesn't need control

AirTouch3 allows users to connect and save individual settings for different devices, so you will be comfortable controlling the air conditioner for each room of your family members.

– Download AirTouch3 for Android
– Download AirTouch3 for iPhone

In this article, Taimienphi has introduced 5 smart air conditioning control applications that work on your phone for you to use in an emergency. Even with the smart and convenient features, these applications can completely replace the conventional air conditioner control device. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find and use the air conditioner control app that is suitable for your home appliance. In addition, you refer to the other ways turn on the air conditioner without using the controller here.
Good luck!


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