Top Android emulation software on the computer

Top Android emulation software on the computer

BlueStacks, Droid4X, MEmu, NoxPlayer … are the best Android emulation software on the computer today, widely used and appreciated. However, each of these Adroid emulation software has its own outstanding advantages, so you can refer to the following article to evaluate, choose the most appropriate software to support your gaming performance.

Selection Android emulator software Which is good for my computer is the question of many gamers today, when playing games on Android phones does not satisfy the demand when the battery is running out, the phone is hot and the wifi network, 4G is weak. Choosing to play Android games on a computer is a top priority.

Playing Android games on the computer is easier with the emulation software

Top best Android emulation software on pc:
1. BlueStacks.
2. GameLoop.
3. NoxPlayer.
4. MEmu.
5. Droid4x
6. KOplayer.
7. LDPlayer.
8. Genymotion.
10. Jar of Beans.
11. Remix OS Player.
12. Bliss.
13. Windroy
14. LeapDroid.
15. Andy.
16. YouWave.

Currently, there are quite a few publishers that provide support software Android emulator lightest on computers and laptops. However, the quality of them is completely different, when some software ensures good performance of the Windows platform, others cause a small amount of resource usage, even causing device slowdown. Your system often breaks due to over-operation for a long time. Therefore, today, with the following article, Taimienphi will share as well as introduce to readers the list of Android emulation software on the best PC and Laptop computers today. Readers interested as well as looking for yourself an Android emulation software like that please refer to offline.

Watch video tutorial on Android emulation on pc

I. Introducing the best Android emulation software on computers today

1. BlueStacks

Software Bluestacks is an Android emulator that is familiar to many users and is rated better than similar software. BlueStacks supports a lot of popular games such as Garena Free Fire, Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile, … Bluestacks now with a new version has more improvements, helping to minimize lagging lag during playing. game.

Bluestack Android version software

The latest version is BlueStacks 4 with many additional interface and performance to help improve the Android gaming experience on PC for gamers.

– Download Bluestack here
– Download Bluestacks for Mac here

2. GameLoop

GameLoop is an Android game emulation software of Tencent, initially, the tool was developed to support Tencent’s own games such as PUBG Mobile, CrossFire … however, with the development trend of the gaming industry. , then GameLoop now supports most HOT games like Free Fire or Lien Mobie …

Android Gameloop gaming game

– Download GameLoop here.

3. NoxPlayer

Nox App Player, also known simply as nox, is an Android nox emulator on your PC so you can fully experience the features of Android right on your PC. This utility gives users superior features when playing games or installing phone applications on computers.

Android gaming game on the computer

This is a software that quickly makes a name for itself when it constantly changes to better suit the requirements of users. By improving the engine to adapt to many different CPU lines when some other emulators do not support, this helps Nox App Player to have more new users, the actual experience of Nox App Player on computers with sensors. It feels like running the application right on your phone makes you extremely satisfied.

– Download NoxPlayer here

4. MEmu

After Android4x to mention MEmu App Player, this is also considered to be the best free Android operating system emulator on computers today. It allows players to use Android on a computer and freely experience the entertainment world of Android phones on the big screen. Despite being one of the new Android emulators, MEmu has many features and support capabilities that many other Android emulators like BlueStacks have to abstain from. Not only that, the Android phone emulator software on MEmu computers easily duplicates the application, supports gaming, effectively experiences with the keyboard, mouse, handle or large screen.

software part game game memu

MEmu will automatically change parameters such as CPU, root mode, screen resolution, memory capacity … to run Android applications on other devices. The outstanding advantage of this software is the ability to share files between Android and Windows, install APK files through drag and drop very quickly.

– Download MEmu here

5. Droid4X

Droid4X software is one of the effective Android Droid4X emulation software. Using Droid4X, you can experience a range of applications for the Android operating system that Windows normally cannot use. Playing Android games on Windows with Droi4X will be a whole new experience for you.

install android games on pc droid4x

Droid4x is an Android emulator for weak devices that has a large number of users after BlueStacks. There are even a few places where Droid 4X is more appreciated than BlueStacks. This is considered the best and lightest Android emulation software on Windows computers, Droid 4X allows users to play games or use Android applications on a large screen PC. The main advantage of Droid4X is that it allows even weakly configured computers to install and use the Android emulator. Because of this greatest advantage, Droid 4X is increasingly popular and used by many people.

– Download Droid4x here

6. KOplayer

Koplayer is a new Android emulator, with many advantages compared to the familiar old emulators you have used. When downloading Koplayer, users can enjoy the joy of playing Android games on a spacious computer screen, or activating Android applications on the PC, and fully supports multi-point sensors and touch, helping to The gamers can experience wonderful relaxing moments.

Android version software

Koplayer offers users a good-looking interface, with a moderate dark tone, without dazzling the user, display features on one side of the main screen for easy access, and can be customized. size of windows. Besides, users can use the swipe, touch or rotate the screen as on Android devices. In addition to the familiar Android emulator applications like BlueStacks, you can experience this unique software. The advantage of BlueStacks is that it supports a lot of Android games and applications on computers, BlueStacks gives users a great experience.

– Download Koplayer here.

7. LDPlayer.

LDPlayer is a relatively light Android emulator, a tool that allows famous Android games like Auto Chess, Pubg mobile …, runs Android applications on Windows computers, LDPlayer software is compatible with Android 5.1 or higher, speed The speed is quite fast and stable.

software version android ldplayer

– Download LDPlayer here.

8. Genymotion

Genymotion is the perfect Android emulation toolkit for programmers who want to test it first in Android emulation. Easily run code tests to detect bugs before they are released.

Join genymotion Android

In addition, Genymotion also helps to deploy beta versions for the application without worrying about losing source control. Developers can also easily send test versions to customers for trial use, and ensure guaranteed applications on any device from mobile to desktop. Genymotion uses technology to create virtual machines from VirtualBox so it is possible to create and run multiple virtual machines at the same time. Therefore, to use Genymotion, you need to have the latest Android SDK and VirtualBox virtual machine, and the account from the software is registered for free. You can choose different virtual machines like HTC One, Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus, some tablets …

– Download Genymotion here.


AMIDuOS android emulation software supports downloading and installing many games, popular android applications today. AMIDuOS has 2 versions of Lollipop (USD 10) and Jelly Bean (USD 15), depending on the needs and economic conditions, please select the appropriate version, otherwise you can still use it for free, but will limited to many points.

Android amiduos software

– Download AMIDuOS here.

10. Jar of Beans

Contrary to the above, Jar of Beans is an Android emulator that doesn’t need to be installed and can be run with a single executable (.exe) file. Although it is a software that can operate immediately, but not so, Jar of Beans is weak in features, this tool can customize the display format by resolution very interesting.

the best android android software

Jar of Beans specifically also supports multi-user mode, create virtual SD memory cards as well as interface ADB interface emulation, … very real. In the near future, the new versions promise to add an input tool from the physical keyboard.

– Download Jar of Beans here.

11. Remix OS Player.

Remix OS Player is an Android emulator software that exploits advanced Android Studio technology, the emulator optimizes the gaming features, suitable for those who love the manipulation or handling situations in the game through keyboard or mouse, suitable for playing survival shooting games such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire ….

software version android remix os player

– Download Remix OS Player here.

12. Bliss.

Bliss emulator is developed based on Android 8 Oreo technology, especially Bliss is free and is considered to have a faster update program than the famous BlueStacks android emulator.

Android game play bliss

– Download Bliss here.

13. Windroy

Windroy is rated as the ideal tool for you to launch Android applications on your computer, and can play attractive games of Android devices on the big screen. In particular, Windroy is based on virtualization technology, provides excellent application compatibility, flash support, works well on Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10.

Download software version Android Windroy

Unlike BlueStacks or Droid4x this is a “small” software with a modest size of 80MB. When installing the program, you immediately experience the Android space right on your computer with the lock screen.

– Download Windroy here.

14. LeapDroid.

LeapDroid android emulator is fast processing speed, supports playing the most HOT mobile games today such as Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile …

leapdroid android version software

– Download LeapDroid here.

15. Andy.

Andy software is known for emulating the Android operating system on Windows to help users experience a wide range of attractive applications along with a lot of games on many different topics. With fast performance and processing speed, Andy does not occupy too much hard drive space to help you experience the best Android application.

download part mem andy

Andy supports the emulation of Android operating system on Windows and Mac OS X, helping users have a better experience of applications, games and many other utilities that can only work on Android . With Andy, you can use applications that previously only played on the interface of baby phone screen, now you can enjoy and entertain on the big screen interface with your computer. yourself. Moreover, Andy also supports data synchronization between Android devices, convenient for users to access files from multiple devices.

– Download Andy here
– Download Andy for Mac here

16. YouWave.

It is one of the most lightweight Android emulators on PC and is completely free, easy to use and also easy to run emulators in Android environment. Users can install and start up as easily as normal Windows applications. YouWave software for Android supports Windows XP to Windows 10, adding SD card functionality to save game data. Users can also activate crowded online gaming mode.

youwave Android version software

YouWave has an online store with many applications and games that allow users to choose, you can download apk files and install them on your computer via the Android interface, besides with the home screen that allows users Can change or apply some widget on the screen

– Download YouWave here

II. How to use the BlueStacks android emulator on the computer

– The main interface of BlueStacks is as follows:

Install the applications for BlueStacks – Android emulator on PC:

Step 1: From the main screen Click Search

Android version

Step 2: Here you enter keywords to search applications and games

join the state of bluestacks

Step 3: After displaying the application details you proceed with the installation by Click Install

Android expert

Step 4: When the installation is completed you check by going to the main screen will immediately display the application. You can also install other similar applications. (Picture below)

join android on pc

– To use the applications installed on BlueStacks, you only need to Double Click on the application and use as on mobile devices. You can access to change the settings on BlueStacks by clicking on Settings

cheap Android time

– Here displays all information of BlueStacks including audio, storage, applications, languages, Backup and Reset … Here you can change the parameters as you like.

Android version software

Using BlueStacks, you can also download the IOE application – an online English exam application on Android devices. With the test IOE Both on the web and on the emulator, you will be able to take multiple tests at the same time.

DEMO uses the hayday app on BlueStacks

Android version

Android version

join the android on the computer

Android version
Android version

Video tutorial on Android emulation on PC


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