Top beautiful and most popular photo editing software

Top beautiful and most popular photo editing software

Currently, there are many beautiful photo editing software, commonly used, serving many different purposes and different needs. In the article below, will provide you with the top of the most beautiful and popular photo editing software so that you can distinguish and choose the one that suits your needs, please refer. .

Top beautiful and most popular photo editing software


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the best free photo editing software with a series of advanced options integrated and updated regularly, completely unlimited and advertising, helping users master their skills. edit in a short amount of time.

The top most popular software in the UK

The characteristic of GIMP is the richness of layers, masks, curves and levels, meeting all the needs of working for users from simple to complex. In addition, as a free and open source photo editing application, users can create or download plugins to expand GIMP’s capabilities.

– Download GIMP

2, Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop is a paid application that supports both Windows and MacOS, is difficult to use and expensive, but in return you will own the best photo editing tool in the world. However, to get Photoshop, the only way is to sign up for Adobe’s Photography service.

The top 10 most popular software in the world. 2

Not only photographers, but also designers, graphic artists, artists, … all rely on Photoshop because of its versatility. Photoshop allows users to add, adjust, and create images in many different aspects, but to perform proficient operations, you should carefully review the instructions online.

The drawback of Photoshop is that it does not include image browsing or application cataloging, but you can use Lightroom included in the Photography package to solve this.

– Download Photoshop CC

3, Fotor

Fotor is a free photo editing software that provides users with advanced filters, supports batch processing and makes your photos look better in seconds with a single mouse click. The only downside of the application is that it does not support plugins only.

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Fotor is a specialized software for layer editing with advanced filter system and smart menu, giving users quick access to tool shortcuts and easy use of the application.

One of Fotor’s advantages is that it includes a series of image editing tools, which many other free photo editing software don’t have. Users can process a whole set of photos with a mouse click.

– Download Fotor

4, Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a free photo editing software that is not as powerful as GIMP, but it provides users with dozens of layer and filter options along with plugin support.

top of the most popular software products 4

The advantage of Paint.NET is simplicity, with the ability to meet the needs of conventional photo editing without the need for complex software like GIMP.

The name Paint.NET may sound like a copy of a traditional Paint application, but it is a complete photo editing tool with a familiar user interface and is regularly updated with many new features.

– Download Paint

5, PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a free photo editing software that allows users to edit and convert RAW image files, offering a diverse selection of filters with a special interface and batch image processing capabilities.

the top 10 most popular software versions 5

PhotoScape provides users with a series of special features in the main menu such as converting RAW images, collage photos, creating GIF images and some other strange but useful features.

PhotoScape is suitable for beginners to do editing work with advanced filters and the ability to edit photos in an instant. However, the biggest drawback of PhotoScape is its complex interface, all the tools are grouped into pages but arranged in a strange structure.

– Download PhotoScape

6, Pixlr X

Pixlr X is a free online photo editing tool, compatible with any modern browser through the use of HTML5 instead of Flash. Although not as powerful as Pixlr Editor, Pixlr X still works very smoothly, with an eye-catching interface design and can choose dark or light background.

top of the most popular software of the 6th most popular version

Pixlr X allows users to make edits, additions and collages with many layer options that many other free online editing tools do not. It can be said that Pixlr X is an optimal choice even for advanced photo editing needs.

– Download Pixlr

7, PiZap

PiZap is a free online photo editing tool that provides templates, images and some paywall tools.

PiZap is supported on both HTML5 and Flash versions, allowing users to choose to work with a photo from a hard drive, Facebook, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Search or an existing image (only included in the package). premium). However, when using images directly from Google Images, users need to pay attention to copyright issues.

the top 10 most popular software products 7

PiZap’s user interface has a modern, simple design with dark tones and sliders for quick adjustments.

After finishing editing, users can save their products to hard drive or share on social media websites as well as private servers of PiZap, Dropbox and Google Drive. In addition, if users want to get the best quality photos, you can consider using the premium package of the application.

– Download Pizap

8, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic / CC

Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom = perfect weapon.

Photoshop is used exclusively for professional photo editing needs, while Adobe Lightroom is primarily used to adjust the color characteristics of an image. With the combination of these two software, users can edit photos manually easily and conveniently through personal settings. Besides, Lightroom also supports batch photo editing, so users only need to create a portfolio and then apply personal settings to the editing.

the top 10 most popular software versions 8

Lightroom can be considered as a comprehensive photo editing tool, but has been split into two versions: Lightroom Classic using computer memory and Lightroom CC using online memory. For the new Lightroom CC version, users have to pay to use Adobe Cloud storage starting at 1GB for around £ 10 or $ 10 a month, included in three different Photography packages.

Lightroom CC brings convenience to users when allowing access to the photo library anywhere, but its cost to use memory is very high and lacks some features to be able to use. on the PC, such as supporting the plugin and viewing Photoshop as an external editor.

– Download Lightroom CC
The above article of has provided you with information about top most beautiful and popular photo editing software. If interested in the same topic readings as top Video editing software Best, please refer to more.


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