Top best 10 finger typing learning software 2020

Mario or TypingMaster … is the most popular 10-finger typing software in 2020 for everyone today, on these 10-finger typing tools, you will practice from basic lessons to Advanced to perfect typing with his 10 fingers.

Currently computers and laptops have become popular and associated with many people in both work, study and entertainment. For those who often work with text, the 10-finger lane skill is essential because typing with 10 fingers will directly affect your performance. To support you better during the practice of typing with 10 fingers, the following article Taimienphi will introduce you to the top list. 10-finger typing software Best free 2020 most used.

These 10 finger typing software many users

Mastering the 10-finger typing method may be faster or slower than other methods depending on the user, but analysts have shown that typing with 10 fingers usually brings higher performance.

Top best 10 finger typing learning software 2020

1. TypingMaster Pro

TypingMaster Pro is the top 10-finger typing software, TypingMaster Pro is the choice of many newcomers to learn how to type because of its popularity and effectiveness. The interface of the software is simple but not rudimentary and easy to see. In addition, the software also has many intelligent features that help users improve markedly through the use process

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Download TypingMaster Pro: Download TypingMaster Pro

If you are new to typing with 10 fingers, surely this article will help you in finding a suitable software for your level. And if you persevere in daily practice, you will master the way of typing with 10 fingers in a short time.

2. UltraKey

Ultra Key is a 10-finger typing software, participating in typing games that will help you practice your skills and typing speed significantly.

10 good handwritten software

Download Ultra Key here: Download Ultra Key

3. Mario

Mario is an entertaining game combined with extremely effective typing practice for those who need to improve and improve their typing skills and speed. Especially, Mario has skillfully pulled the game with 10-finger typing exercises to help increase the fun for typing practice, so the player does not feel stress or pressure when learning to type.

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Mario is one of the 10-finger typing software especially suitable for children, with a way to learn typing with an interesting and adventure game with Mario brothers and princess Luigi. Learning to type now is not just as dry as you think it is, but instead there are fun and entertaining moments with your favorite characters.

Download Mario here: Download Mario

4. Typesy

Typesy is software that is highly rated for its ability to provide time-saving typing skills. With 7 minutes of practice each day, you can significantly improve your typing speed

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Download Typesy here: Download Typesy

5. Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum is a software to practice typing, typing keyboard for children with simple games to improve typing skills

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Download Typing Instructor Platinum here: Download Typing Instructor Platinum

6. GS Typing

GS Typing is a program that helps you learn how to type correctly and improve your typing speed. The software provides users with tests, games, and reporting results of progress through the user’s use.

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Download GS Typing here: Download Prof. Typing

7. KeyBlaze Typing

KeyBlaze Typing is a free application that helps users improve their typing skills. The software also provides basic to advanced exercises depending on the ability of the user

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Download KeyBlaze Typing here: Download KeyBlaze Typing

8. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is also a software that helps users practice typing with 10 fingers along with tests, practice games. The software also offers exercises depending on your age and occupation so you can increase your ability to type your text.

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Download Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing here: Download Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

9. Al the right type

All the right type is a way for you to entertain and test your typing at any time. The software also provides specific instructions to help users improve their typing speed

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Download All the right type here: Download All the right type

10. Master Key

Master Key is also a way for you to improve your typing skills. Although the software has a very simple interface, it is very effective thanks to the rich vocabulary in each test

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Download the Master Key 10-finger typing software here: Download Master Key

11. Typing Quick & Easy

Typing Quick & Easy is a real typing teacher with users. Combining specific instructions and easy access, the software is really not a bad choice for beginners to type.

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Download Typing Quick & Easy here: Download Typing Quick & Easy

Note that, also gives you a lot of other 10-finger typing software equally impressive in improving personal typing speed. With 10-finger typing games like the ten-finger typing game Mario, you will have more and more competition when playing with friends. Practice playing the 10-finger typing game to improve your shorthand ability. Good luck.


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