Top best app launcher for Windows 10 for free

Top best app launcher for Windows 10 for free

Windows 10 brings a lot of changes and it is equipped with many new features than previous versions of Windows. The more features it generates, the more icons it creates, making it difficult to manage your desktop. The best solution is that you need to immediately equip an application launcher for Windows 10. Here will suggest for you!

Summary of the best free app launcher for Windows 10

Table of Contents:
1. Rocket Dock.
2. Launchy.
3. Executor.
4. ObjectDock.
5. Keybreeze.
6. XWindows Dock.

1. Rocket Dock

This is probably the most popular app launcher for Windows 10 placed on top of your screen. The design of this free app launcher is inspired by the boot bar of Mac OS X and its main purpose is to organize all your favorite shortcuts into one place to help you easily access them. them.

top free program for windows 10 free software

Once installed, the Rocket Dock app launcher will give you some default shortcuts, but you can still easily modify and even add any apps or programs you want. Rocket Dock saves you a considerable amount of space on desktops and this is especially useful for those who have many icons on the desktop.

– Download Rocket Dock here.

2. Launchy

Launchy is a useful and easy to use application. After installing the application to your device, you do not have to install anything else. You simply launch the application by pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt + Space, the key in the name of the application you want to open and choosing the name from the search results.

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This application is capable of launching many programs. It can be used to open files and directories, perform web searches, perform calculations and even run shell commands.

– Download Launchy here.

3. Executor

If you are looking for a simple app launcher for Windows 10, Executor is definitely the tool you are looking for. The Executor is in the taskbar so you just need to click on it, enter the name of the application you want to launch and it will open. When installing Executor, it starts creating a list of all applications and programs along with menu items, list of recently used items, etc.

At less than 1 MB in size, this is a very lightweight application and therefore, it doesn’t take up much space when running in the background. If you don’t want to type the full name, you can also set a keyword for a program. In addition, the application also works well with URLs that help you access websites quickly.

– Download Executor here.

4. ObjectDock

ObjectDock is another popular application launcher for Windows 10 that gives you the option to add your favorite apps and programs to the launcher to access programs quickly. Previously, it also allowed Windows 7 users to add Gadgets, but that feature is no longer available.

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ObjectDock has a simple design and is placed at the top of the screen. It also allows you to add quick launch icons from the taskbar.

– Download ObjectDock here.

5. Keybreeze

top free operating system for windows 10 free version 4

Keybreeze is a versatile application that has some unique features such as creating sticky notes (sticky notes), expanding text, … Some of Keybreeze’s advantages are that it has more than 80 applications and shortcuts. Configurable settings after installing the application. This brings an interesting experience to the user right from the start.

– Download Keybreeze here.

6. XWindows Dock

The XWindows Dock looks very similar to the MacOS startup toolbars that give you the options available in the Apple tool. The cool thing about this launcher is that it allows you to customize and change the look by adding graphic effects in the form of transparency, shadows, reflections, blur, and so on. It also provides some unique features.

Top free booting apps for windows 10 free version 5

It not only allows you to add your favorite applications and programs, but also a few other Windows features. The plugin manager can also be used to add a few custom plugins to the interface.

– Download XWindows Dock here.
With the best free Windows 10 app launcher shared in the above article, hopes to help you manage your desktop easier. If you need answers on the above content, please read comments below the comment section of the article!


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