Top best city building game

The city building game genre is one of the most attractive games for gamers of all levels, the perfect way to express yourself and unlimited creativity, where players need to manage every things, including cities, businesses, or any other system to help maintain and grow.

The genre of city building games has been in development for a long time and is getting more and more complete to every detail. With building games, players will not need to bury their heads in endless battles, instead you need to use your creativity and management ability to run and develop a city.

Top 5 best city building games

Building a city will take a lot of player time, but when completed you will have a sense of immense achievement. If you find this appealing, let Taimienphi find out about 5 right away City building game the most attractive today.

Top 5 best city building games

1. Cities: Skylines

Top best grinding game of pho

As the new mayor in the city, you will assume the responsibility of building the city from the start, managing all aspects of the economy, road works and healthcare in the city. . In Cities: Skylines, you will experience the feeling of becoming a true manager, turning vacant green lands into a thriving urban complex that every citizen of the city wants to live in and live. Faced with practical elements such as natural disasters, pollution, day & night cycles, traffic accidents and many other things you can imagine.

Supported devices: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

– Download Cities: Skylines here: Download Cities: Skylines

2. Frostpunk

But the game used to be the best in Japan

You are the last ruler of the post-apocalyptic earth trapped in an endless winter. Frostpunk is a combination of survival and city building games; With the danger of extinction hanging right before your eyes, every decision you make you make is related to the life and death of citizens in the city. The snowing scene brings you many challenges, but it is also your number one priority. Maintaining and managing the temperature is extremely important, but it is just one of many things you need to manage to preserve the lives of everyone.

In Frostpunk, you can decide how to manage your people through choosing different paths, setting laws and managing daily routines in people’s lives.

Supported devices: PC, Xbox One, PS4

– Download Frostpunk here: Download Frostpunk

3. Anno 1800

The grinding game of pho chan thuc

Anno 1800 takes you into the era of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, requiring you to build and manage a city based on the advancement of research and technology. Create trade routes and make expeditions to continue researching and finding useful resources to help your newly established city thrive. Don’t stop there, as the city grows, you’ll have to deal with more problems, such as rival rulers, civil strife and political war …

Supported devices: PC

– Download Anno 1800 here: Download Anno 1800

4. Surviving Mars

Rewind the grinding game with a lot of favorite people

Mars has always been one of the first things to think about when it comes to the next world when the Earth collapsed at the wrong time. But this world is not entirely suitable for mankind. No oxygen, cold temperatures, barren landscapes, desolate; To live and settle here and consider it a home still has many difficulties. This is exactly the experience you will experience in the game Surviving Mars.

By exploring unknown lands on alien worlds with drones and investing in research & development (R&D), you can increase your chances of survival in harsh Mars environments. .

Supported devices: PC, Xbox One, PS4

– Download Surviving Mars here: Download Surviving Mars

5. Tropico 6

The game is in Hanoi

Have you ever wanted to build and manage your own island paradise? Tropico 6 will give you the opportunity to realize this dream. Unlike many other city-building games, Tropico 6 focuses on political issues, introduces new research to enhance political strategies so that you become the best dictator in the tropical world. Instead of just an island, now you build and manage multiple cities spanning several large islands, all with different challenges to overcome and conquer.

Supported devices: PC (coming soon on Xbox One, PS4)

– Download Tropico 6 here: Download Tropico 6

Building a city is really difficult when requiring gamers to have all the skills of computing, management, meticulous attention to detail. With just one wrong calculation, the city that the construction will become chaotic or collapse in an instant, this is both the challenge and also the most attractive of the city building game genre. gamers.
With 5 titles City building game Taimienphi has just introduced, whether you have enough “causing difficulties” for you or not? Please download and experience this game and answer to Taimienphi! In addition, you learn and play more Construction game different here.


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