Top best computer sources in 2020

With the top best computer sources in 2020 shared in the article of, you will be able to choose for yourself the most suitable power source for your computer. Let’s explore!

Computer power (PC Power) is one of the most important parts of a computer. A good computer source can help your overclock stable and your computer does not suffer from electric shocks, there are many different types such as 450w, 400w, 600w, 500w computer sources .. so, when Choose your computer source, you need to choose carefully. If you are looking for a quality, efficient computer source, please refer to the suggestions below of!

Top best computer sources in 2020

5 sources of computers are highly appreciated by 2020

1. Corsair RM750

computer source 750w

The best 750w computer power

The Corsair RM750 is a source of computers with premium and affordable features. Besides the 750W gold-certified power adapter for this efficiency, you can absolutely choose the 850W power supply, but the price will be a bit more expensive. No matter which kit you use, Corsair’s computer power has a fully modular cable system, high quality capacitors, static fans, and support for modern standby, making it possible to accelerate from Standby mode for 5 seconds.

2. Corsair CX550

600w computer source

Best 550w computer power supply

The Corsair CX550 is a stable, secure, affordable and well-certified source of computers. You will have all you need at a computer source is a static fan and you will also get a warranty when purchased. The Corsair CX550 is compatible with all modern CPUs and motherboards, making it suitable for all types of computers from low-end gaming consoles to computers with strong graphics cards.

3. FSP Dagger 550W

computer source 500w

FSP Dagger 550W is a great choice with beautiful case, good modular cable system and 500w power. However, if you need more, there’s always a 650W power supply for you to choose from, but the price is a bit higher.

Like the aforementioned two sets of computer power supplies, the FSP Dagger 550W is also certified gold for efficiency. FSP Dagger 550W has a static fan system and Japanese capacitors to help the machine stable and long-lasting. When buying, if you encounter any problems when using, you will also be under warranty.

4. Seasonic Prime Ultra 1300w

450w computer power supply

The best 1300w computer power

This computer power supply can ensure that 2-4 powerful graphics cards have all the power they need. With a whopping 1300W, you’ll have all the features you would expect from a high-end PSU. Seasonic Prime Ultra 1300w is fully modular and platinum-certified for performance. You will have a 12 year warranty and have an effective fan. It also has gold-plated connectors for added durability and a luxurious look, supporting multiple graphics cards. Because of the many high-end features, the price of Seasonic Prime Ultra 1300w will be higher than the above-mentioned low and medium power sources. However, for super-powerful PCs, if you want maximum stability and protection for expensive components of your machine, do not regret the money, but choose Seasonic Prime Ultra.

5. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w

400w computer source

The best 650w computer power

If you want your PC to be bright and colorful, then when you choose the PSU, you have to choose which power supply unit has RGB-equipped construction components. While many PSUs look good on the outside, they do not have the basic components necessary to ensure stable operation. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w is different.

With a fully modular cable system and RGB lighting, silent fan, Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w is certified gold in efficiency. RGB lighting can be changed to any other light in your PC to ensure it is synchronized and synchronized for maximum efficiency. When buying Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w, if the RGB lighting system has a problem, you will be replaced and guaranteed.
Above are 5 sources of computer are appreciated, you refer to more How to choose to buy mainboard for computers and laptops here.


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