Top best disk space analysis tool for Windows 10

If you download a lot of applications, games, or add many files to your computer, your device will be slow, lag because the size of those files has made the hard drive full. Therefore, if you want to improve the speed of your computer, you need a tool to analyze hard drive capacity for Windows 10 to find the appropriate solution. The tools suggested in the article of hope to help you.

The best disk space analysis tool for Windows 10

Top best disk space analysis tool:
1. TreeSize Free.
2. SpaceMonger.
3. CCleaner.
4. Wise Disk Cleaner.
5. JDiskReport.
6. Wiztree.

1. TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free is the best free hard drive capacity analysis tool for Windows 10 worth a try. It gives you all the details regarding the remaining capacity in the hard drive quickly and easily.

Top best software solutions for windows 10

You can also use TreeSize Free for smartphones and mobile devices by accessing the storage manager from the context menu of a folder or hard drive. It will then show you the folder size along with the size of all subfolders. In addition, it scans network drives and on cloud drives. You can install it in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than German and English.

Download TreeSize Free here.

2. SpaceMonger

SpaceMonger helps free up hard drive space on your computer and network storage. It can scan or map your system, network and OneDrive cloud storage while managing. In addition, SpaceMonger allows you to copy data, move files and even delete to increase the storage space for the drive. You can also quickly search files and folders with Treemap images.

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SpaceMonger also searches files based on size and category, as well as any of your criteria using flexible search. You can also clean the disk based on the efficient file list. This software is completely free.

Download SpaceMonger here.

3. CCleaner

If you intend to clean the hard drive, then CCleaner is an option you should not ignore. Disk capacity analysis tool can easily clean storage space or can also maintain your computer completely automatically. It has two versions, standard (free) and paid. The standard version will clear your storage, free up your online activities and update your system to make your computer faster.

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The paid version will give you all the features in the free version plus advanced features. It has quick and safe PC self-cleaning features.

Download Ccleaner here.

4. Wise Disk Cleaner

This is a free disk space analysis tool that provides cleaning and defragmentation capabilities. Wise Disk Cleaner cleans all the unnecessary files that affect the storage capacity on your computer so that your system can run faster.

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In addition, Wise Disk Cleaner clears all online activities, cookies and browser history on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. It also focuses on PC performance through fragmentation. Another plus point of Wise Disk Cleaner is that it also allows you to set up automatic disk cleaning daily, weekly or monthly based on your requirements. Wise Disk Cleaner is free and virus-free.

Download Wise Disk Cleaner here.

5. JDiskReport

This tool helps you determine exactly how much hard drive space is occupied by files and folders. In addition, you can also discover any obsolete files and folders on the drive. The program scans disks and drives to search for all data and then aggregates and presents them to you in the form of summary charts and detailed tables.

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This software has no ads, no charge and free lifetime for you. JDiskReport is compatible with all major platforms, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

Download JDiskReport here.

6. Wiztree

Wiztree is a disk space analysis tool that helps you quickly find files and folders on your hard drive. This quick tool not only reads the MFT (Master File Table) directly from NTFS-formatted hard drives, but also helps you find even larger files that consume space on your disk. yourself. You can also find large files and groups of small files in the Treemap view.

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You can quickly find files by name or wildcard and you can also sort hard drive contents by folder size and delete files and folders. Wiztree allows you to export file details to CSV, allowing you to scan all types of hard drive file systems such as NTFS, FAT, etc.
Download Wiztree here.


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