Top best drinking water reminder app

Top best drinking water reminder app

For many busy people, the water reminder app will be a great tool to remind you to replenish your water regularly and to maintain the best state of health, if this is also a topic that interests you. Take some time to learn the top 5 best drinking reminders.

Most of us know that, the average minimum amount of water needed for a healthy person is from 1.5 to 2 liters per day. However, for many reasons that we often “forget” not drinking enough water, causing significant impact on health.

Top best drinking water reminder app on phone

With the following Top 5 reminders to drink water, Taimienphi will easily turn your phone with you into a smart reminder tool, helping you always replenish the amount of water needed for the body.

Top 5 best reminders to drink water

1. Daily Water Tracker Reminder
The way the water reminder application works Daily Water Tracker Reminder is relatively simple. The user only needs to set the estimated daily drinking goal by unit as the number of cups or ml. Every time you drink water, open the app to mark and to see the progress of completing your day’s drinking plan.

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In addition to viewing statistics by day, you can more accurately assess your health status when reviewing your drink chart on a period of 7 days or 30 days.

– Download Daily Water Tracker Reminder for iPhone
– Download Daily Water Tracker Reminder for Android

2. Water Drink Reminder
The Water Drink Reminder Water Reminder App is programmed and released for free to Android phone users. With this application, users will practice daily water drinking habits more easily.

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Water Drink Reminder will calculate the amount of water that you need to replenish each day, displaying statistics for your convenience. Besides, if you are a user with a different schedule of activities, this application also allows you to flexibly modify the start time and end of the daily water cycle.
– Download Water Drink Reminder for Android

3. Aqualert
Similar to the applications we have just introduced, the main basic function of Aqualert is to remind users to drink adequate water every day. What makes Aqualert more popular, however, is its ability to analyze activity levels to recalculate a user’s need for drinking water.

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At the same time, the application also set the night mode to stop sending notifications reminding you to drink water at night.

– Download Aqualert for iPhone
– Download Aqualert for Android

4. Water Tracker & Alarm
Building a new habit like drinking enough water is always difficult for many people. But this will be much easier if you use the Water Tracker & Alarm support tool available on the Google app market.

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Water Tracker & Alarm has all the necessary features that a water reminder app needs, sends scheduled notifications, calculates the amount of water needed by weight, and chart follow-up. And more specifically, the application allows personalization of nap time and night time to avoid disturbing the user.

Download Water Drink Reminder for Android.

5. Plant Nanny
Last on the list, Plant Nanny helps users reach their daily water goals in a more fun way. Instead of statistics on the amount of water by the chart, users will be provided with potted plants. Every day, you need to drink adequate and punctual water to plant can grow and grow healthy.

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Another plus point is that the application interface is designed in an animated style, bringing a sense of fun and excitement to users.

– Download Plant Nanny for iPhone
– Download Plant Nanny for Android
Above, Taimienphi has listed 5 best drinking water reminder applications currently on the phone based on user evaluation criteria. Hopefully, after consulting the article, you can soon find yourself a suitable application and practice the habit of drinking enough water every day,


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