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Currently information technology is increasingly developing and is widely applied in education. Teachers using information technology with software for teaching and designing lessons are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, E-learning lesson design software has also increased on demand. However, finding a suitable software for each person’s job and skills is not easy. Below would like to summarize some software to create e-learning lessons, please refer

Each software has its own characteristics and in them all have pros and cons and no tool is optimal. Depending on the needs of the user, users need to choose the right tool to best serve their lessons so that both promoting the strengths of the software and overcoming their limitations. . Here is a summary of some Electronic lecture creation software arguably the best today.

1. LectureMaker

First of all, Lecture Maker is a Korean-based software with the advantages of easy to use, friendly interface and nearly the same structure as PowerPoint programs. If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you can easily create multimedia electronic lessons using LectureMaker. Besides, the software also has some strong points such as inserting many formats such as PowPoint, PDF, Flash, HTML, Audio, Video … So teachers can take advantage of the lessons that have been written previously. from other software to the content of your lecture. This is the software recommended by the Information Technology Department (Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam) to use in designing electronic lessons.

Cons: Difficult to use, few features, few multiple choice questions

2. Violet

Violet is a product of Platinum company, developed on PowerPoint platform, Violet has all functions used to build lecture content such as: users can input text data, formulas, drawings. , multimedia data, creating visual effects, motion effects, performing interactions with users. With the strength of an easy-to-use Vietnamese interface, Violet has become one of the most used electronic lecture design software today.

Cons: Is paid software

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Details how to create electronic lectures with Violet, you follow here: How Create lecture on Violet

3. Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is released by the world famous software company Adobe. Adobe Presenter has an electronic lesson editor function so that teachers can easily create common elearning lectures and can use the lecture to teach – learn online via the Internet. A special feature of Adobe Presenter is the use of the powerful capabilities of Ms PowerPoint to edit content. But in addition, it also shows other advanced features such as: Inserting multimedia (Flash, sound, images) into the content of presentations in the lecture. Insert interactive questions on lectures, package and publish lectures in many different formats.

Cons: Paid software, requires a high-configuration computer.

Reference way Create electronic lectures with Adobe Presenter here

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4. iSpring Presenter

iSpring Presenter is full of features such as Adobe Presenter, iSpring Presenter is compatible with the latest electronic lecture standards today, iSpring Presenter is truly an indispensable application for those who need PowerPoint presentations and applications. Application of Information Technology to the educational work.

Disadvantages: Foreign software is difficult to use and has to pay fee

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5. V-iSpring Suit

V-iSpring Suit is a Vietnamese version of iSpring Presenter with full features of iSpring Presenter compatible with many Powerpoint versions. V-iSpring Suit with the preeminent feature of a professional e-Learning software, along with Vietnamese interface and instructions will surely help teachers to access faster and serve effectively. his lecturing work

Cons: Paid software

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Besides, Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDs) is a free software released by Microsoft that helps teachers design standard electronic lectures (SCORM) including content, interactive activities, questions, games, evaluation form. animations, illustrations and many other forms of multimedia. With Microsoft LCDs, users can choose from a variety of pre-prepared templates and interactive exercise templates based on Silverlight and easily build the course structure and re-arrange it at any time.
Above is a summary of the best e-learning lesson creation software available today. Hopefully through this article, readers as well as teachers will find themselves a design tool that best suits their needs and skills. Good luck.


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