Top best email management application for windows computers

Top best email management application for windows computers

For office workers, email management application is one of the most frequently used tools, choosing a suitable email management application that not only brings convenience, but also handles the problem. It’s easier and saves time.

Although the same features support editing, storage but each Email management application has its own outstanding strength that makes many users confused when choosing.

Top best email management application

If you are experiencing such difficulties, please refer to the analysis of Top Email management application Best for Windows computers in the article below of Taimienphi.

Top best email management application today

1.Microsoft Outlook

If mention the list of Email management application Today’s most popular Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly one of the top names. This application is programmed by Microsoft and is integrated into the Microsoft Office suite or its operating system. Therefore, Microsoft Outlook is used by many people as a default email management tool at work and at home.

Top best email admin app for windows 2 computers

Professional email management software

Microsoft Outlook has many diverse features, good support for users to receive, send and store email. However, the downside of this application is high price and quite heavy.

– Download the Microsoft Outlook application here: Download Microsoft Outlook

2. Mozilla Thunderbird

Email management application Mozilla Thunderbird has open source developed by Mozilla. Thunderbird is loved by many users for its fast processing speed and cross-platform support, including: Windows, MacOS or Linux. Besides, you can also use this tool on your browser and install additional support add-ons.

Top best email admin app for windows 3 computers

The best mail browsing software on the computer

Mozilla Thunderbird is highly compatible when you want to access email via IMAP. Users will work better with email thanks to the ability to tag conversations, auto-check spelling or smart filters to help you organize folders and find exactly what you need.

– Download the Mozilla Thunderbird application here: Download Thunderbird

3. eM Client

If you only have basic needs, look forward to using one Email management application Compact, easy to use, the eM Client will be a noticeable option. The interface application is simple, clean and easy to see, supports users to work well with all popular email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, …

Top best email management applications for PC windows 4

The best email management software available for Windows

eM Client provides users with a full range of standard features for an email management tool, as well as allowing flexible settings editing. Additionally, you can export the settings on one account and use them for another.

– Download the eM Client application here: Download eM Client

4. Mailbird

Mailbird offers users a beautiful email management tool with an interface designed in a flat, modern style like Apple products. Although limited, only supports users to work with 3 email accounts on the application, but Mailbird gives you a variety of connectivity options. You can handle email while using Facebook, Yahoo, Google Docs, Google Sheets, … right on Mailbird.

Top best email management applications for PC windows 5

Mail checking software for computers

The application has 3 different versions for users to choose. Mailbird Pro is paid by month and Pro lifetime is paid by 1-time use for lifetime with full of features. In Lite version, you will be using Mailbird for free but comes with some limitations.

– Download the Mailbird application here: Download Mailbird

5. Zimbra Desktop

To compete with Email management application By default of Windows, programmers have worked for a long time with many open source code to program Zimbra Desktop. This application is equipped with an intuitive interface and powerful and flexible processing capabilities.

Top best email management applications for PC windows 6

Mail checking software for Windows

Zimbra Desktop can automatically perform configuration with popular email services such as GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. During operation, the application also regularly saves working contents into memory. buffer on computer. So you can edit and browse emails even when your computer suddenly loses your network

– Download the Zimbra Desktop application here: Download Zimbra Desktop

In the article, Taimienphi has just synthesized and simple analysis of these Email management application Best for Windows computers. Hopefully, after consulting the article, it will help you easily find a tool you like, bringing higher performance at work. Besides, you refer to the top job search application most effective here.
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