Top best file merging software

Top best file merging software

Have you ever seen file formats like 001, 002 or r01, r02? That is the split file from the file merge software. The file merging software has the function of splitting and splitting the file in the first part and the top 5 file merging software such as WinRAR, HJSplit … The following is sent to readers as the most appreciated software.

Usually with files that are too large, we often have to use file-splitting and splitting software to split them up. Of course, when you want them to connect, you still have to use file merging software to proceed. So what is the most effective and popular file merging software that you should use among the countless software flooded on the market today.

With the top 5 best file merging software, here are the great choices for you that has selected. The software to cut and merge files is almost enough to meet the job of simple and easy to use. Some of them are well-known file-cutting software that many people choose and use.

Top best file merging software

1. Fastest File Splitter and Joiner software

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Referring to the file merging software we will think of Fastest File Splitter and Joiner, the software supports splitting files, dividing files in 001, 002 format and many other formats. This software is extremely simple to use but effective. If you are looking for a file merge software to handle files with the above formats, Fastest File Splitter and Joiner is the choice for you.

In addition, Fastest File Splitter and Joiner is also known as FFSJ, so readers should pay attention to avoid misleading these 2 names as 2 different software.

2. HJSplit file merging software

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Along with Fastest File Splitter and Joiner, HJSplit HJSplit is a very famous name when it is known as a completely free file splitting software, using effectively less errors as well as giving results as desired by users, in addition, HJSplit also has more features to compare and calculate. Check sum is inherently popular with splitting and joining software.

3. WinMend File Splitter

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WinMend File Splitter is a good file merging software, but its functions are enough for you to use the job of splitting or joining files. Owning a pretty interface and basic features, WinMend File Splitter is not a bad choice for those who like the software and effective interface. The interface of WinMend File Splitter is customizable with many different colors and most importantly, the WinMend File Splitter software is completely free.

4. 001 File Joiner and Splitter

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001 File Joiner and Splitter is a small file splitting software saved with an extension such as .001, .002, .003 … back to its original size. 001 File Joiner and Splitter does not limit the number of files to be split or the number of files to be joined. You can customize the file division method according to the number of sub-files or choose a size like 100MB or 200MB and higher depending on your wishes.

5. WinRAR

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Not so surprising if WinRAR Included in this booklet, the WinRAR decompression software also has the ability to merge files, cut files into separate parts. However, the file format limit of WinRAR is not in common with the other formats. However, using WinRAR is quite effective when you can both split and merge files, but also can compress files again.

But if you compress a large file, then when you extract or merge the file, it will take longer than the remaining file merging software.

Above are the 5 file merging software introduced to readers, through which you can choose one of these 5 software to perform file merging, especially the WinRAR software is a bit special and you Only use WinRAR with the formats that this software makes when splitting the file, and the remaining 4 software can merge files together.

Apart from the above list, 7 Zip, similar compression software like WinRAR also has the ability to cut, join files quite well. Using cutting files with 7 Zip is appreciated for its security and ability to cut files with 7 Zip, which is superior to some common file merging software.


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