Top best firewall support application on Windows

Top best firewall support application on Windows

Firewalls (Firewall) used to protect your computer network system safely when there is an internet connection, they can be hardware, maybe software. However in this article we will introduce you to the good software to protect your computer. Please refer to offline.

The firewall is built into Windows operating systems from Windows Xp to Windows 10, to use you just need to enable it. The following article will introduce to you the firewall software that many people use to protect their computers. The same reference you offline

Top best firewall support application on Windows

first)Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is the software that is used most of all other Firewall software, because it is simple, easy to use and built into the Windows operating system. You just need to activate and use them.
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With Windows Firewall, it only protects your computer at the basic level of individual users, but if you change with businesses or need to have high security, you should use firewall applications with good security. than

2) Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall is also a firewall software that is provided free of charge to users, in addition to protecting computers from building from outside to computers, they can also protect users’ data. In addition, Comodo Firewall also has browser and sandbox protection.
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TinyWall has a simple interface, easy to use and lighter than Comodo Firewall. This software is also provided free of charge, also prevents trojans, viruses and other spyware.
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4) ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm is also used by many people because it is easy to use and simple to prevent the intrusion from messaging software, in addition they also have the ability to prevent and eliminate viruses for computers.
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So with 4 free firewall software for Windows being used by many people, you should also choose one of these 4 applications to keep your system safe. In addition, you can also use other firewall software such as Ashampoo FireWall Free, Tiny Personal Firewall, Windows 7 Firewall Control ….
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