Top best free Email service provider

Top best free Email service provider

Currently there are many different email service providers, but choosing a reliable and free email service provider is not simple and easy at all. The following article lists the 5 best free email service providers you can choose.

In work even in daily life, we often use email as a tool to exchange documents and information with each other quickly and smoothly. With the explosion of the Internet, the exchange of information in organizations, businesses or individuals, using email is still the safest and most effective way.

Top best free Email service provider

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 best free email service providers for us to have more references and options.


1. Google’s Gmail service

– You access the service Gmail by Google Here

Gmail is one of the services launched quite early and is one of the best free email service in the world with millions of users every day.

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Some special features of Gmail can be mentioned such as: email filter, dividing email types into categories (Advertising, Social, Spam …), warning file with virus … Advanced features like undo send and email forwarding. In addition, Gmail has additional security measures such as two-step verification, powerful spam filter to limit the likelihood of your account being hacked or receiving spam. If you don’t have a gmail account, quickly Sign up for gmail here.

2. Microsoft Outlook Service

– You access the service Outlook by Microsoft Here

Outlook Microsoft possesses many unique and cross-platform features suitable for businesses to operate their business models.

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Outlook Owning a beautiful and simple interface, user friendly and one of the advantages of Outlook is unlimited email mailbox storage capacity. This is considered an advantage for those who use email for a long time and want to store emails for business and to review when necessary.

According to statistics from Microsoft, Outlook now has more than 400 million users in 2016 and this number promises to continue to increase in the following years.

3. Yahoo Mail Service of Yahoo

– You access the service Yahoo Mail of Yahoo Here

This service has achieved a lot of success with a large number of users in previous years and Yahoo Mail is one of the good and reputable Email services but due to the privacy and security leaks, the number of people using this service has decreased significantly. However, this is still a reputable and convenient free email service that you should use.

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Yahoo Mail The advantage is that the spam filter is quite good and users can send large messages using Yahoo! Mail’s HTML editor. Using Yahoo Mail translation, you will also feel that the interface is quite friendly and easy to use.

4. AOL Mail service

– You access the service AOL Mail Here

AOL mail was born quite early and is one of the pioneers in the field of email. One of the advantages of AOL Mail is the free email service, which allows users to store unlimited email and effective spam protection.

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AOL Mail Personalize your email addresses with the MyAddress feature that lets you choose your own domain email. In addition, some disadvantages on AOL mail can be mentioned as the web interface is quite simple and sketchy, no labeling or dividing and organizing folders like Gmail or Outlook.

5. GMX Email Service

– You access the service GMX Email Here

GMX mail is a free German email service. This is a service that provides a good, basic free email account with unlimited email traffic.

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GMX mail Featuring spam protection to help keep your mailbox against viruses, you can use GMX Organizer to manage your appointments. An interesting feature is that it allows you to determine how long your messages are archived. For example, if you want each email in the trash folder to be there only two days, then you can define two days as the retention time for emails in that folder.

The article above is Top 5 best free email service providers which you can reference, choose to use. I am using Gmail and Yahoo mail! And how many email services have you provided, leave a comment and comments about each email service you have used!
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