Top best free typing software teaching software

If you are planning to learn to type, then the article below is for you. In this article, will introduce to you the top top typing and teaching software of today. These are all effective software and especially absolutely free for your personal computer.

Top best free typing software teaching software

Table of Contents:
1. KeyBlaze.
2. Klavaro Touch Typing.
3. Typing Trainer.
4. Rapid Typing.
5. Max Type Pro.
6. Type Faster.
7. Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard.
8. Stamina Typing.

1. KeyBlaze

Top of the list is the best free software

KeyBlaze is a teaching software type with 10 fingers is completely free, allowing users to learn to type with 10 fingers quickly and easily. It conveys typing lessons through its user-friendly graphical interface, making it easy for them to achieve maximum typing speed in a short time. This software is also especially useful for beginners. It can also be used in schools and academia to convey typing knowledge more easily.

– Download KeyBlaze here.

2. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Top of the best free software products 2

This is one of the best software to teach typing today, helping to acquire all the knowledge of typing without looking at the keyboard. Users will master the necessary typing skills thanks to the logical structure of the course as well as the various terms provided to simplify the learning process and increase typing speed.

– Download Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor here.

3. Typing Trainer

Top of the best free software products 3

Typing Trainer is a completely free typing teaching tool that helps learn and practice various typing techniques. When starting the application, you will be provided with a short course (less than 1 hour) on typing. It will then analyze your typing speed and give you tips and lessons for practicing typing. This free special software will also help you accumulate your typing skills extremely easily. It will find the cause of your typing problems and help you find ways and techniques to fix them, to type faster and more accurately.

– Download Typing Trainer here.

4. Rapid Typing Tutor

top of the best free software products 4

This is also a free software but extremely effective to learn typing. There are many different lessons and games offered to help you improve your typing as well as speed and accuracy. The features of the software are very easy to use, even children can learn typing with this software. Many different keyboard simulations are also created in the application. Rapid Typing Tutor is even available in languages ​​like Spanish, German, French, Dutch, English, etc.

– Download Rapid Typing Tutor here.

5. Max Type Pro

Top of the best free software products 5

This is a free typing training software that improves the user’s typing technique using a multifunction interface. Even the typing speed and accuracy will be significantly improved after using this software. The typing level will be increased from beginner to advanced in a short period of time. The two biggest advantages of this software are that it produces weekly reports and provides practical lessons.

– Download Max Type Pro here.

6. Type Faster

Top of the best free software products 6

This typing software is also completely free and allows users to adjust and practice various typing techniques. Type Faster also helps you learn to type without looking at the keyboard and hone other related skills.

– Download Type Faster here.

7. Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

Top of the best free software products 7

This free software will help you practice typing skills from the most basic level. It is primarily aimed at beginners as well as advanced learners. The software even contains games to help users learn to type more effectively; It also supports multiple users at the same time. With Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard, users can build their own lessons with practice orientation.

– Download Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard here.

8. Stamina Typing Tutor

top best free software products 8

This special typing training software will help users hone their typing skills in parallel with practice. The typing speed and accuracy of the user will be significantly improved when done in accordance with the instructions in Stamina Typing Tutor. Learners can choose from multiple virtual keyboards. Not only that, the software also supports many different languages. Stamina Typing Tutor has user-friendly graphics, helping them progress through each learning day.

– Download Stamina Typing Tutor here.
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