Top best Garena Free Fire pistols

Garena Free Fire is an extremely unique game with a survival and shooting game, in Garena Free Fire there are pistols that you often meet and these guns always have their own use and strength, This article Taimienphi will talk about handguns and their power.

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooting game with lots of different weapons. The most common of which is the shotgun when you can meet them everywhere on the game map Garena Free Fire. So how powerful are these guns and what is the strongest shotgun?

The best Garena Free Fire pistol.

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1. The shotguns found in Garena Free Fire


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G18 is a gun that owns a fairly high number of bullets with 15 bullets. Guns can also be fitted with additional magazine to increase the amount of ammunition. The damage of the G18 is not high, but the rate of fire and accuracy are quite large, very suitable for those who do not know how to pin down the mind.


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USP is quite similar to the G18 when it comes to characteristics like low damage, rate of fire, and high accuracy. But USP is more outstanding because it can use additional accessories mounted on the barrel of the gun. This allows for even greater accuracy, and if you have a silencer, it also helps you hide your position in gun fights in very close range with many obstacles around you.


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This is the gun that has the greatest damage of all types of pistols, extremely large damage with high accuracy including enemies far away. But the weak point is that the rate of fire is slow as well as the amount of bullets are very few, so sometimes it affects your gunfight.

2. Which situations should use the strongest handgun and shotgun

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Pistols are often unpopular guns because they only fire at close range, not too much effect in the later stages of the match. Pistols are often used when you jump in crowded places and need a weapon right away to attack enemies. Handguns will promote very well in the early stages of the game because it is easy to pick up and light, easy to move.

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With the above parameters and effects, USP is considered to be the strongest shotgun in Garena Free Fire with the ability to use as well as combine many accessories, easy to use in face-to-face situations. the beginning of the match.

Above are the pistols in Free Fire, you refer to the guns Assault rifle in Free Fire here.
Garena Free Fire Garena Free Fire is copyrighted and released in Vietnam with lots of new updates and incentives for players. In Free Fire there are many characters and there are Free Fire characters Used a lot, you can see here.


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