Top best image resizing software for Windows 10

Top best image resizing software for Windows 10

If you need to resize or improve image quality or enhance images on Windows 10, image resizing software is essential. In today’s article, will suggest you to read the top 6 best image resizing software for Windows 10!

Summary of the best image resize software for Windows 10

Summary of the best image resize software:
1. Image Resizer for Windows 10.
2. High quality photo resizer.
3. Faststone Photo Resizer.
4. Caesium.
5. Fotosizer.
6. Converseen.

1. Image Resizer for Windows 10

It is a native Windows application that helps you resize images quickly and easily. All you need to do is open the image file, drag the slider (you can also add image width manually) and complete the image resizing. This not only helps you to resize images at the same time, but also offers a range of features like renaming, rotating and even converting file formats for images while preserving image quality.

Top best software for resizing Windows 10

Image Resizer for Windows 10 has an easy to use interface and you can edit multiple images easily. In addition, you can also refine the image position and use the preset profiles to increase / decrease the size of the image. Image Resizer is completely free for Windows 10.

– Download Image Resizer here.

2. High quality photo resizer

It is a free but perfect software that you should refer to when you want to resize a series of digital images. This user-friendly app is ideal for those who want to create high-quality small-sized photos to post online, share on social media platforms or share with friends. and family. Another great thing is that High quality photo resizer has more than 37 effects that you can add to your photos such as Sharpen (sharpen), Blur (blur), Contrast (contrast), ….. , you can even rotate photos 90 degrees to the right or left.

Top best software to resize him for Windows 10 2

High quality photo resizer supports many input image formats such as BMP, GIF, ICB, DIB, EMF, JPG, JPEG, PBM, PNG, WMF, etc. However, it only supports exporting images in 8 formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TGA, WMF, EMF.

– Download High quality photo resizer here.

3. Faststone Photo Resizer

This image converter also helps you rename images quickly and easily. It helps you resize, convert, crop, rotate, change color intensity, add text and to perform many other advanced editing functions in batch mode quickly and conveniently. Drag-and-drop editing is also supported.

Top installment of best resize mem for windows 10 3

In addition, Faststone Photo Resizer allows you to rename images in sequence, download settings and even save images. Another big plus of this application is that when using Faststone you will not encounter ads or any malware.

– Download Faststone Photo Resizer here.

4. Caesium

This software is chosen by many people because it is easy to use and extremely effective. This image editing software has a simple but extremely useful interface and you can preview your edited images. Caesium also supports users to process multiple images at the same time to achieve the best results. You can also take advantage of advanced features like metadata storage options or support for directory structure.

Top best products for Windows 10 4

One of the outstanding features of Caesium is resizing images while preserving the quality of the original image. This not only saves memory for your system but also is useful for storing your HD images. Caesium also allows you to compress image formats like JPEG and PNG with advanced tools, and the best part is that you can quickly share your images in compressed format to save a lot of time and bandwidth. .

Caesium is free software that works on Windows, Linux and MacOSX platforms.

– Download Caesium here.

5. Fotosizer

The name says it all, Fotosizer is specialized software for resizing photos. This application allows you to perform the action of resizing your images with just 3 simple steps and you can edit multiple photos at the same time. Besides resizing, you can also rotate and rename images. Batch resizing feature also allows you to rename and add watermark, logo, text, submerged logo …. on the images at the same time. This is considered a way for you to claim your photos.

Top best software to resize your Windows 10 5

Fotosizer also offers live previews for your photo edits and supports 35 languages. It offers a free trial version and a pro version (paid) for users to experience.

– Download Fotosizer here.

6. Converseen

This is a free application that works on multiple platforms to help you process images in batch. Converseen is specially designed for Windows and Linux to resize, rotate, flip and convert multiple images with just one click. Another good point is that Converseen also has the ability to convert a PDF file into a multitude of images at will. In addition, Converseen supports more than 100 formats and even allows you to fix the size, resolution and name of the file. Overall, this is a fairly user-friendly application.

Top best software to resize your Windows 10 6

– Download Converseen for linux here.
With suggestions on the best image resizing software for Windows 10 above, hopes that will help you get the photos you want. If you have any questions regarding the above content, please read your comments below the article!


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