Top best Live Stream software today

Top best Live Stream software today

Livestream (broadcast online) is currently a favorite feature on social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter … Never, sharing the great moments in life is simple to come. As such, the best Live Stream software helps users to share live video and people can participate in real time.

Currently there are many applications, Live Stream software Different will be challenging and more or less difficult in selecting a suitable livestream tool. If you have not made a decision and do not know which Live Stream software to use, you can refer to the list of the best Live stream software of today.

The best Live Stream software today

Top Best Live Stream Software

This article will introduce you to 5 Live Stream software to bring the best experience, well worth the use.

1. Facebook

– Download Facebook For Android devices here: Download Facebook for Android
– Download Facebook For iOS devices here: Download Facebook for iPhone

Live Video is a feature of Facebook, which allows users to record and live stream facebook directly to friends to follow. This feature was launched a few months ago but is limited to celebrities or limited pages.

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Feature Live Video Facebook was first introduced in early December 2015, allowing users to start streaming live video back to their surroundings in real time on Facebook. Live video It also supports inserting short descriptions and sending videos to multiple people at the same time, or can restrict friends from watching videos.

Besides, during the video stream, users can see how many people are watching their videos and read other people’s comments about their videos. This is currently the most commonly used application for livestreaming by celebrities, online sellers, and travel buddies.

Some salient features of Facebook Live:

– Can add intro, insert emoticons, choose the color filters you like to share videos online to others.
– Stream duration may be up to 90 minutes or more.
– You can change camera before and after during live stream with Facebook Live.
– The time difference between the actual and video stream via Facebook is about 3 seconds.
– Friends, who are on the list of friends on your Facebook account will receive notifications that you are broadcasting within 60 seconds of Play.
– Facebook Live displays the number of people watching your video, supports pinning comments and interacting with other viewers.
– Support video playback with 1080p and 60fps quality.

2. Youtube Gaming

– Download Youtube Gaming For Android devices here: Download Youtube Gaming for Android
– Download Youtube Gaming For iOS devices here: Download Youtube Gaming for iPhone

If you are passionate about the game then Youtube Gaming is really software that you cannot ignore. Because it allows users to track video games, connect gamers, even follow favorite channels easily. With the promise, every game available in the world is available on Youtube Gaming, Google is guaranteed to have over 25,000 titles appear on this stream, even, each game will have a separate Chanel for players to follow. .

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Some salient features of Youtube Gaming:

– The quality of videos when streaming with Youtube Gaming is indisputable. Youtube supports users of Full HD 1080p and 60fps resolution to help the image quality when livestream is always extremely sharp and has high stability.
– Although it is a live stream, you can rewind to watch the episodes you have missed. This is an extremely unique feature of Youtube Gaming.
– Youtube Gaming is completely free.
– The number of servers is very large, so video streams on YouTube almost never get jerky or lag.
– Seldom encountered errors, fast speed and high stability.
– A channel of more than 25,000 different game titles.

3. Instagram

– Download software Instagram Live For Android devices here: Download Instagram for Android
– Download software Instagram Live for iOS here: Download Instagram for iPhone

Mentioned Instagram everyone knows that this is one of the largest and most popular photo social networks in the world, Instagram has also developed to be used on many different operating systems.

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Called “Live”, but this is actually a feature to play videos Instagram develop, to optimize, play short videos, called Video You Might Like.

Video You Might Like is a collection of Stories, Live Videos … that users have posted on their Insta account. This software can not play long videos like other professional applications, and the video quality is not always high, so this feature is usually only used by users on the main. Instagram rather than sharing and playing my videos.

4. Twitch

– Download software Twitch For Android here: Download Twitch for Android
– Download software Twitch for iOS here: Download Twitch for iPhone

Software Twitch appeared late in Southeast Asia, however, it did not take too long for Twitch to quickly gain a high position in the rankings, and force users, especially game streamers to mention. , use Twitch to stream games everyday.

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Time Twitch There are more than 2 million user channels and the number of Twitch accounts online is over 15 million every day.

The salient features of Twitch:

– Is the home of more than 20 world famous streamer that no one knows, like: Ninja, Myth, DrDisRespectLive, Shroud …
– You can link the Twitch channel to your server for others to watch live.
– Can use Twitch Chat feature within the application.
– Friend Sync feature allows users to quickly import all friends and people they are following.
– The sound quality from Twitch is very good with noise filters that bring out clear and clear sounds.
– Video call feature to those in your friends list.
– Support for group calls, group chats and screen sharing with others in a simple way.

5. CubeTV

– Download CubeTV For Android here: Download CubeTV for Android
– Download CubeTV for iOS here: Download CubeTV for iPhone

If you know and have used BIGO, surely you will also hear the name CubeTV. This is a live stream application that is growing quite strongly and seems to become a social network, a new trend in the world.

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The special features of CubeTV:

– Simple interface, easy to use.
– The video quality when streaming is always in HD.
– User’s personal data source is encrypted and protected at the maximum safety level.
– Support “Follow” feature like on Facebook to follow videos from other members.
– The application supports Vietnamese language so it is quite easy to use.
– Can create your own channel (channel) and then stream to make money.
– Can interact directly with others.

So we just shared and sent to you Top best Live Stream software Currently, according to If this weekend is good on holidays where you intend to go and want to share the best moments with your friends, then you can not ignore the video streaming tools written in this article. What are you waiting for, choose one of the 5 Live Stream apps and use it now!
If you mainly, often use the computer, you can also live stream, chat with friends through the top 5 Live Stream webcam super good we’ve ever introduced. Wish you success and soon choose the right software.


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