Top best Livestream application

Top best Livestream application

Currently, the livestream application with the largest number of users is still Facebook, however, this application is quite limited support features when streaming videos, So if you ever wondered, if not used Using Facebook, is there a quality livestream application that can be replaced?

Although Facebook is livestream application Most popular today but do not have many utilities to support users. If you are looking for a professional livestream application, have lots of entertainment content and easily connect with friends, please refer to the following article of Taimienphi.

Top livestream application to replace Facebook

Top best livestream apps to replace Facebook

1. Bigo Live

If only in terms of support features for users, Bigo Live deserves to be the best livestream application instead of Facebook.. Bigo is an online social network specializing in video, allowing you to broadcast your images directly professionally with just a few simple steps. At the same time, this is also to explore the world, entertain, make friends, … diverse by watching thousands of other ways of livestream.

The livestream app on the phone

If you don’t want to be too noisy, you can use Bigo Live as a tool to connect with your loved one when creating a private chat room and invite your friends to chat, play games or even sing karaoke online with together.

Download the Bigo Live app under the operating systems

– Download Bigo Live for Android
– Download Bigo Live for iPhone

2. Instagram

For a long time, Instagram has been a social networking application specializing in outstanding photos and videos, with a large number of users around the world. To keep up with the trend, while attracting more Instagram users has launched an extremely attractive livestream feature.

app livestream on iphone

Similar to other professional livestreaming applications, you will not have much difficulty when you want to stream videos directly on your personal page. According to many users, the image quality of Instagram is considered to be relatively sharp, stable transmission line. In addition, the application also adds unique and diverse visual effects for you to choose.

– Download Instagram for Android
– Download Instagram for iPhone

3. TalkTV Live

LiveStream application which we would like to introduce next on the list is TalkTV Live. It can be said that this is one of the rare pure Vietnamese video streaming support applications.

The livestream app on android

Previously, this application is known by many as CCtalk. After the name change, TalkTV Live kept the number of loyal users, and expanded even more. The strength of this application is that there are many diverse broadcast channels with many different topics to suit the needs of entertainment or make friends of young people.

– Download the TalkTV Live application here: Download TalkTV

4. V Live

Although there is no support for users to broadcast the video themselves, this V live is much loved and in the Top of livestream application V Live is installed on phones, the main reason is because V Live is a place to broadcast live videos of idols and celebrities throughout Asia.

App continues video directly

The application has a friendly interface and easy to use. Once you install V Live, you just need to find the account and watch the livestream of your fans. You will discover the daily life, the performance or even the private moments of the people you love. With the V Live app, you’ll never feel like you can get close to your idols.

– Download V Live for Android
– Download V Live for iPhone

5. Snapchat

Emerging as a selfie app, Snapchat has become a social network with a community of millions of users after a period of rapid growth. Not just sharing pictures, now you can use Snapchat to make Livestream Video to share your feelings with those around you.

App continues video directly

Livestream application Snapchat allows users to register quickly, easily attracting viewers. However, the quality of the broadcast image of Snapchat is only assessed at a good level and does not have many support features for users.

– Download Snapchat for Android
– Download Snapchat for iPhone
Above are the quality streaming videos, the most popular today. Taimienphi has synthesized and made a list of Top 5 livestream application Best to use instead of Facebook, hope that after referencing the article, you will choose for yourself an application livestream, suitable interests instead of Live Stream Facebook as before.


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