Top best marketing tool on Facebook

Top best marketing tool on Facebook

Facebook is a huge, constantly evolving social media platform with about 2.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. Today, people can find loads of content, from text to images and videos on Facebook. It is undeniable that this social network has become the largest provider of information in the world.

For a long time, brands and marketing experts have seen the growth potential of Facebook and consider it the preferred platform. Marketers are always looking for tools marketing on Facebook The smartest and most effective way of achieving their goals.

Top best marketing tool on Facebook

So what is your Facebook Marketing goal? Are you looking to increase your followers? Or do you focus on targeting your super customers with Facebook campaigns? Whatever your goals, you still have to pay to own the best tools. In this article, let’s find out the top 10 best marketing tools of Facebook.

Summary of the best marketing tool on Facebook:
1. AdEspresso.
2. Agorapulse.
3. Buffer.
4. Driftrock.
5. ManyChat.
6. Facebook Ads Manager.
7. Fanpage Karma.
8. Heyo.
9. Hootsuite.
10. Likealyzer.

1. AdEspresso

If managing advertising activities on Facebook is a difficult task for you, AdEspresso can help. This is a great tool for creating and managing Facebook campaigns, through an automated process.

Top best marketing tools on Facebook

With AdEspresso, you can analyze, optimize and create complex and specific rules to carry out your campaigns. And the tool promises to help you create thousands of variations of Facebook ads. In addition, you can focus on key metrics with a fairly easy-to-use dashboard.

– Access AdEspresso here.

2. Agorapulse

Agorapulse has a fairly simple interface but works effectively, helping you manage content and interact on Facebook. It allows you to schedule and publish posts, track interactions and activities on your account.

Top best marketing tools on facebook 2

Not only that, Agorapulse also helps you analyze other Facebook pages and compare them to find out about your competitors. You will also receive many reports to help track your marketing campaign, and use collaboration features suitable for large workgroups.

– Access Agorapulse here.

3. Buffer

You may not be familiar with Buffer anymore because this is a very popular social media management platform that helps you schedule and publish social posts. Businesses, large and small, prefer the easy-to-use interface of this tool.

Top best marketing tools on facebook 3

In addition, Buffer also contains extensions that integrate seamlessly with Chrome, WordPress and other tools to find distribution content, then provide analysis results and insights for reach, turns and like and suggest improvements.

– Access Buffer here.

4. Driftrock

You can use Driftrock to generate leads, just like most Facebook marketers. This is a set of different tools, serving each specific purpose, and all of them can be used together as a complete solution for the automation and advertising management needs of Facebook.

Top best marketing tools on facebook 4

With Driftrock, you can create ads quickly and easily, then test variations. It will also help you optimize your Facebook marketing campaigns.

– Access Driftrock here.

5. ManyChat

Top best marketing tools on facebook 5

Unlike the aforementioned tools, ManyChat was created to help you create Facebook Messenger bots to provide marketing and sales support to consumers. You don’t need to worry about having to learn coding to use this tool because it only takes a few minutes to create a bot and use it for free. ManyChat will take your Facebook marketing process to the next level.

– Access ManyChat here.

6. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you create and manage ads. This tool not only helps target the right demographics and content of interest to people, but also helps you set budgets to control costs.

Top best marketing tools on facebook 6

You can learn all about your ad performance with the help of reporting tools, and of course, you can pause any ads you want to optimize your campaign.

– Download Facebook Ads Manager for Android.
– Download Facebook Ads Manager for iPhone.

7. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a multifunctional tool for managing Facebook, allowing you to publish articles more easily and helpful hints about posting. In addition, this tool will also help you track an unlimited number of pages and profiles.

Top best marketing tools on facebook 7

Using Fanpage Karma is also quite simple. Like the name suggests, you can analyze the activities of your fans and their followers with this tool, then compare the data on different pages to see the ad performance.

– Access Fanpage Karma here.

8. Heyo

Top best marketing tools on facebook 8

Heyo is also a fairly popular tool that probably many of you already know. It helps create sweepstakes, contests, and hashtag campaigns for Facebook. You can use ready-made templates. The standout feature of Heyo is that it helps you collect user-generated content through campaigns. It can be said that this is a great tool to create brand and product awareness.

– Experience Heyo here.

9. Hootsuite

Top best marketing tools on facebook 9

Hootsuite supports marketing on Facebook through advertising. If you are struggling with your advertising campaign, use Hootsuite as it will help you optimize the process. Not only that, this tool also helps you target the right group of potential customers to become customers.

– Experience Hootsuite here.

10. Likealyzer

Top best marketing marketing tools on facebook 10

Finally on this list is Likealyzer – a very simple Facebook marketing tool that helps you optimize the performance of the page. It provides simple but valuable information, such as scoring your page on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better your site will perform. In addition, Likealyzer also helps convert raw Facebook analytics into an action report.
– Access Likealyzer here.


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