Top best obstacle game

What are the best obstacle games, with the most people playing today, why can these games be “addictive”, attracting players continuously for hours, to learn about what hey you and Taimienphi download and explore the list of top 5 obstacle games in the content below!

Obstacle games often attract players by adventure scenes to new lands, or dramatic “heart-pounding” because of dangers, unexpected accidents. In an instant you need to make the right decisions, because every mistake can make you have to start again.

Top 5 obstacle game titles

If you love adventure, chasing, overcoming dangerous traps, … then don’t miss the top 5 titles Obstacle game Best Taimienphi introduced below.

5 best obstacle game

1. Subway Surfers
Game title Subway Surfers is a familiar name for those who love obstacle games. In the game, you will be chased by the fastidious guard and the dog. The only thing you need to do is to constantly move skillfully on the tracks, trains or subways, collecting items to avoid being arrested.

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Subway Surfers owns graphics with beautiful cartoon style, bright colors. At the same time, the publisher often updates the game interface according to events, seasons, … different to create new and attractive players.
– Download Subway Surfers for iPhone
– Download Subway Surfers for Android

2. Crossy Road
If you want to review your memories by playing an obstacle game like a classic handheld, Crossy Road will be a good choice. The game retains its blocky graphics but has been colored and upgraded significantly.

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By default, you will make your character a chicken, move through the highways, rails, rivers with obstacles such as cars, trains, … move with dizzying speed.
– Download Crossy Road for iPhone
– Download Crossy Road for Android

3. Jetpack Joyride
If Subway Surfers or Crossy Road limits the character’s movement when there are only a few options left, right, and forward, Jetpack Joyride allows you to control the character much more freely.

Still obstacles and adventures, this time you will control a guy with a Jetpack – rocket backpack on his back. Run and fly at will, skillfully collecting items, destroying the enemies below to bring the highest score possible!
– Download Jetpack Joyride for iPhone
– Download Jetpack Joyride for Android

4. Temple Run 2

Similar to Subway Surfers, in Temple Run 2 your character is constantly being chased, must constantly run and overcome obstacles. However, your race this time will be the long running paths in ancient ruins. And chasing you is a dangerous giant monster rather than the normal guard uncle.

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Besides the obstacles in the game, Temple Run 2 owns quite a lot of unexpected turning points, and if not pay attention, you will be startled and will fall into traps. Please pay close attention and calm down!
– Download Temple Run for iPhone
– Download Temple Run for Android

5. Sonic Dash
The SEGA developer has brought its legendary Sonic game character to the phone. In the game, you will not only control the blue guy to overcome difficult obstacles, but also Sonic’s friends.

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Each character in Sonic Dash possesses a different skill, so players have the option to overcome obstacles. It is because of this that your adventure journey will become more interesting and diverse.
– Download Sonic Dash 2 for iPhone
– Download Sonic Dash 2 for Android
Recently, Taimienphi has introduced 5 best obstacle game. Will you install any game to play in your free time, which is your favorite game? Let Taimienphi know your choice in the comment section below the article.


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