Top best online collaboration tools in 2020 for businesses

Top best online collaboration tools in 2020 for businesses

Teamwork, cooperation and performance are the most important factors to help maintain and grow your business. When teams and teams work well together, employees waste less time and focus on the main task. Online collaboration tools are designed to serve that need, helping to increase productivity and quality of projects.

Top best online collaboration tools in 2020 for businesses

Table of Contents:
I. What is an online collaboration tool ?.
II. Main function.
II. Online collaboration tool.
IV. Online collaboration tools.
1. Project management tool

2. Communication tool.
3. Design tools.
4. Document tools.
5. File sharing tool.
6. Organizing tools.
V. How to choose a collaboration tool.

I. What is an online collaboration tool?

Some of the top challenges for businesses are how to remotely communicate between managers and employees on a regular and convenient basis? How to manage everyone and ensure that information content is transmitted correctly? An online collaboration tool was created to solve those problems.

Online collaboration software is a valuable tool for any business that wants to run more efficiently. It empowers teams to optimize resources, implement projects, promote transparency, and achieve great collaboration.

II. Key features in an online collaboration tool

The online collaboration tool for businesses offers a variety of options, including many useful features like connectivity, the ability to upload documents, send e-mail notifications and other updates. . Collaborative software needs to be secure and has features appropriate to its intended use.

III. How does an online collaboration tool help business?

The labor force is increasingly dispersed in different working locations. This trend has spurred the advent and development of online collaboration support tools. These software are used to bridge the gap between employees, run online meetings effectively and ensure interaction in the right process. This can help business projects run better and improve communication between employees.

IV. Online collaboration tools for businesses

1. Project management tool

+, ProofHub

top cong cu thuat truc tren tot best Vietnam 2020 list for businesses

ProofHub is an online collaboration software for project management, allowing businesses to run and plan all parts of projects. Users can easily connect between groups as well as with customers. Managers assign tasks to individuals and assign them different roles by determining who will do what.

– Download ProofHub here.

2. Communication tool

+, Troop Messenger has a powerful function, is perfect and is the best alternative for team communication and collaboration. It can be considered a useful tool suitable for all sizes of businesses. This business communication application allows for seamless navigation and connection between users. Impressive and convenient user interface, integrated with many different platforms, available on Windows, Linux, Browser, Android and iOS. Download Troop Messenger here.

+, Nextiva

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Nextiva’s Small Business VoIP solution is suitable for businesses that want to communicate with customers, potential customers and colleagues easily. The platform provides business phone services with advanced features such as local phone numbers, pop calls, automated greetings, voicemail to email, SMS text messages, mobile apps, music. HD, etc. Nextiva is ranked as the # 1 business communication platform by experts like Gartner, GetVoIP, etc. Download Nextiva here.

+, Skype is a popular application that supports messaging and calling, allowing audio and video calls to be made on laptops or phones. Users can make free or low-cost calls at all Internet-connected locations. Download Skype here.

+, Hipchat Designed for team communication, make the collaboration process more efficient. It is a simple system that helps to communicate internally and ensure privacy. Download Hipchat here.

+, Hangouts is a Google collaboration tool to support business communication. This tool allows users to call voice, video and messaging as well as share files. Download hangouts here.

+, Flock

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Flock is a seamless and easy communication tool. One of the best online collaboration tools for businesses, Flock allows connections by message, video call, project management, group discussion, polls, reminders and integration. Favorite app. Download Flock here.

+, Chanty is an affordable communication tool. It helps groups promote healthy relationships by supporting transparent communication. Team members can get instant updates on new messages, search history, file sharing, make voice and video calls, and record audio. Even, Chanty’s AI algorithm predicts answers to save typing time. Download Chanty here.

3. Design tools

+, Mockplus iDoc is a product design collaboration tool for designers and engineers. Mockplus iDoc helps connect the entire product design process, allowing designers to automate the design handover process. Download Mockplus iDoc here.

+, Viewflux is a tool designed for small businesses and for remote employee management. Users can communicate with customers visually and receive feedback to improve the design at any step. Viewflux also allows syncing designs from Dropbox and updating changes. Download Viewflux here.

+, Canva

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Canva is a simple graphic design tool to make visual content look better. Users can create unique designs in just a few minutes and share it with the team. Download Canva here.

+, Sketch is this application primarily aimed at web design professionals because it is a complete tool for UX design products. It also reduces the boredom of repeated design processes. Download Sketch here.

+, Adobe Web design support, mobile apps and more with UX / UI solutions. Adobe XD is designed for both Mac and Windows to allow designers to connect with their favorite tools like Dropbox or Avocode. In addition, users can use this software to switch from static layout to interactive prototype with just one click. Download Adobe XD here.

+, InVision is a comprehensive prototyping software for designing user interfaces for mobile applications and interactive digital products. The tool allows users to collaborate, upload to grid, design, collect feedback seamlessly and test performance. With InVision, you can manage your projects from a single dashboard and seamlessly navigate the entire design process in one place. Customers can also provide immediate feedback in the form of comments. Download InVision here.

+, One by TemplateMonster is a valuable subscription service that provides its users with countless high quality products and web design tools. When you become a part of this service, you have access to a range of pre-made solutions – from themes designed for popular CMS templates to various HTML templates, extensions and Graphics. Download ONE by TemplateMonster here.

4. Document tools

+, Google Docs allows sharing, editing and publishing of documents, creating spreadsheets and presentations. All features are free and easy to use. In particular, this application allows to set offline so you can use documents without an Internet connection. Download Google Docs here.

+, Office online

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Office online is a free version of Microsoft, where you can use some Office tools like Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Onenote. Users can save documents, presentations, communicate, collaborate and get work done. Download Office online here.

+, GitHub is built for team members to work together through problem solving and learning. On GitHub, you can manage your project and present your insights. Download GitHub here.

+, Dropbox Paper is an “all-in-one” collaboration tool for businesses because you can use a lot of features, from videos, images to code and audio. Dropbox Paper will put your ideas into a unified document. You can also choose to create new documents or edit existing documents and work in real time with the team. As long as you have a Dropbox account, you can use Dropbox Paper for free. Download Dropbox Paper here.

5. File sharing tool

+, Dropbox is that your files and folders will be kept safe and synchronized on Dropbox. Its business version allows for more storage (1 terabyte) and more features. You can synchronize your Dropbox content with ProofHub to manage tasks and projects. Download Dropbox here.

+, OneDrive is your team that can share, store photos, documents, videos and all kinds of files, synchronize and access anytime, anywhere on the web. OneDrive lets you and your colleagues collaborate with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from PCs, mobile devices, and the web. Download OneDrive here.

+, WeTransfer

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WeTransfer allows you to transfer files from A to B using the web browser service. You can also personalize the way you share files, forming a story. Download WeTransfer here.

+, Dropsend provide unlimited bandwidth to share and receive files. You just need to browse to the folder you want to share and share with anyone you want. Download Dropsend here.

+, Hightail serves two main purposes: online file sharing and innovative collaboration. This cloud service is designed to help teams manage end-to-end projects, share photos, send large files, videos, PDFs and more. Download Hightail here.

6. Organizing tools

+, Pocket Allows saving documents directly from the browser or application for later viewing on any device. You don’t even need an Internet connection to open videos and downloaded files. Download Pocket here.

+, Evernote Collaboration tool for businesses that share individual ideas with a large group. You can capture, organize and share notes from anywhere. Download Evernote here.

+, Pinterest is a simple option for those who actively share business blogs using the most intuitive method possible. You can organize your ideas and inspiration, save articles, visual content, and come back to your content anytime. Download Pinterest here.

+, MindMeister allow the team to plan projects, manage meetings and draft business plans. And it also allows users to share their mind map with anyone they want in real time or make it public. Download MindMeister here.

+, is an intelligent “all-in-one” document collaboration platform, for creating interactive documents, managing digital content and tracking document details. Download here.

V. How to choose a collaboration tool

+ Many features: To choose useful collaboration tools, first you need to pay attention to the tools that work smoothly and have many features that support group collaboration.
+ Easy to use: Nobody wants to work through complex structures. Make sure the tool you use has an intuitive interface and simple navigation.
+ Cloud platform: Cloud-based technology is much better than other software.
+ Check integration: Integration is the key to working more conveniently. Look for seamless integration tools with some important tools and compatibility with different devices.


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